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Philosophy on Religion

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So I've recently picked up philosophy as a part time hobby, studying past philosophers including plato, aristotle, plutarch, pyro, confucious and democritus among many more. And what people seem to not know and/or understand. Most of our modern day theories and facts come from philosophy. For those own unaware: Philosophy is basically thought, big brain moves if you will. Study of knowledge, reality, existence and the nature of everything. Through these philosophers, the skeptics, sofists, all of them, modern day society is able to live in such arguable abundance and freedom of thought.

During one of my podcasts. The idea of Religion and Philosophy clashing was brought up and how the two interacted, fought and even combined in some cases. Where actual historical figures such as Saint Augustan and even Moses himself (arguably) were philosophers and brought on their own ideas, expanded on from others work. This got me to thinking. Since Philosophy predates almost all religion entirely, and the whole idea around the subject is to delve into reality and existence, with many many philosophers theorising and believing into their own form of existence, whether that take on religious quality, the theory of atoms and space by democritus (which was true shockingly) and even the world of forms. Since all of these were theorized and even expanded upon by others, leading to some religions (Like buddhism as a prime example off a branch off of philosophy). Wouldn't that be the same said for the most massive religions out there? Like christianity?

Moses was a philosopher (arguably), and put his own interpretation on existence, through story telling, as thousands of others have thought of and done the same before him. Is Christianity just not another sept of thought branched off of philosophy, that was conveyed in the right way and took on traction later down the line in history? Is it just another philosophical trial to work on and later overcome? Some of the greatest philosophers were religious and some even Christian themselves. (Although some conformed to the best available religion at the time to hopefully someday get the public to accept pure philosophy).

Are there any religious people in IG? What do you think?

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46 minutes ago, Bailey said:

Religion was built on holding power over others, its all a scam.

Religion was built as a school of thought to provide answers to unanswered questions, the inherint corruption of religions such as the church put power in men to hold others at their will. They had the power of numbers on their side when they were proved wrong.

Its the epitemy of arguing with a buff gym junkie that 2+2 = 4. And he thinks its equals 5. No matter how much you show him the working out, he dosen't believe you, so what does he do? He falls back on his area of expertise and tries to beat you up for a different answer. Thats how religions like Christianity stayed in business.

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On 9/4/2021 at 3:35 PM, Bailey said:

Religion was built on holding power over others, its all a scam.

Mate, I respect your opinion but you don’t know who is religious/ deeply religious within the IG community ( like myself) for all we know, there could be Muslims, Christians, Hindus within our community and to blatantly post something like that is pretty disrespectful to anyone religious in IG and makes you look pretty arrogant and stupid. A person with a high position within our community shouldn't publicly denounce religion as a 'Scam'. Show respect to others and dont be an inconsiderate degenerate.

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