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September Community Update

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With more than half the country in lockdown, I hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully, the planned changes outlined below can spark just a little bit of excitement about what's to come. Big shoutout to @Kristofer @Jman1308 and the rest of the event team for their great work in the timeline progression, which has now concluded. On the matter of events, expect to see more offship events during the afternoon slot ~4:30 AEST. Before I get onto the upcomoing changes, I'd firstly like to announce that we were able to complete all the changes I mentioned in my post last month. In addition to those changes, we were also able to release several other changes.

Completed Changes:

  • Search Swep
    • Thanks to @Aiko, Shock and ISB now have a tool to search players and see if they have any illegally obtained items.
  • Swap Menu
    • @FireCup's new joint bodygroup and model menu that allows you to easily customise your character.
  • Dual Force Bar
    • In addition to several other changes to saber values, @Aiko has created a secondary force bar. This bar can be better thought of as a stamina bar. Force leap, saber swing, jump, and deflection will all utilise this bar. All other abilities will use the original force bar.
  • New HUD
    • See for yourself ingame, @Vanilla's new HUD that takes a much more minimalist approach. This change also coincided, with a reduction in player name visibility and health being moved from an absolute value to a percentage of total health.

Besides new projects, optimisation has been and will continue to be a big focus for the server. The overall aim is to get the server to a state where it doesn't create unbearable lag during 80+ player events. So far we have;

  • Content Pack Cleanup
    • We have managed to reduce the content pack from 197 addons to 141. This has been achieved through a combination of removing unnecessary content, combining smaller addons together, and having some lua addons only run server-side. Thanks to @Stryker and @Jman1308 for this.
  • New Voice System
    • In addition to the vehicle chat, this base is just a more optimised version of the previous system.
  • New Prop Protection
    • We have removed FPP and added GProtect, again another more optimised version of prop protection.
  • TFA Base Rework
    • This is still in the works but hopefully once completed, this will see the greatest improvement in performance.

Onto the more exciting stuff.......

Upcoming Changes:

  • PAC3 Competition
    • Full details and information on how to enter will be released in a separate post, but the general idea is, You make a pac that can convincingly fit in on the ISD and if you win, our lovely developer @Banks will make it into an actual model which will be put onto the server. The winner and other close candidates will also recieve ingame credits and a pac tier upgrade (i.e. Tier 1 -> Tier 2).
  • Lightsaber Whitelisting
    • This system aims to stop members of sith using lightsaber configurations or force abilities that their character wouldn't have access to. It has the ability to restrict all lightsabers variables (length, width, colour, etc...) and finally force abilities. This will be done through droids in the temple instead of admin tickets. High ranking sith members and staff members will have a panel which will show every possible saber modification and force abilities and an option to award specific ones or revoke modifications that have previously been awarded. @Aiko Also plans to work on further sith related systems in the future.
  • Rebel Infiltration System
    • Similarly, to the mission system, players will be offered at random, the ability to participate in rebel motivated missions. These missions will be passive rp based (i.e. sabotage, espionage) and won't involve any massive firefights. Players will be rewarded with credits for every mission they complete and will be exempt from any serious punishments. Staff will have the ability to see who is currently part of the system, so players cannot avoid punishment by claiming they are doing a rebel mission. Overall this aims to provide more RP for both the user and the security regiments.
  • Weapon Adjustments
    • When we moved to the new TFA base, a lot of the custom weapon values we had set were reverted. In addition, we now have to take into consideration different types of weapon attachments. While balancing will continue to occur indefinitely, this month, we aim to make a large number of changes to weapons, to create a more balanced environment.
  • Second Character System
    • Thanks to @Twist, players will be able to donate for a second character, which they can swap to using !character. This second charatcer will be a 439th Stormtrooper Private by default and players will be able to join other regiments through the existing channels. A full list of rules will be released at a later date, but as a general rule of thumb, you cannot swap characters to avoid in RP scenario and you cannot have your second character in the same branch as your primary character (e.g. Navy and ISC). The only exception to this will be army, where you can be in an army regiment aswell as stormtroopers.


  • Donation Changes
    • I know this is a touchy subject, but I feel it's better to be open and transparent about it rather than making unannounced changes. I intend on adding several new donation options to the donation store. These will include; Second Character, Legion Classes (both custom and existing), and a new role called Patron. While the first few are pretty self-explanatory, the Patron role will be a longterm way to support the server. The role will need to be renewed every 2 months and will provide a bundle of donation perks so long as it is active. The aim of this role is to mitigate monthly fluctuations in donations (e.g. last month was high, but the month before we didn't reach our target) and provide a baseline of funds for the server. While we are in no means running out of money, my vision is to use donation money for more than just server upkeep. I intend on re-investing excess donation money back into the server. This will be in the form of; map edits, custom models, addons, and server optimisation.

As always, I encourage questions and feedback, and I will endeavor to do my best to provide clarity to any of your concerns. Massive thanks to all the developers for their continued work and commitment to the server. 

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46 minutes ago, Guskywalker said:

role called Patron. While the first few are pretty self-explanatory, the Patron role will be a longterm way to support the server. The role will need to be renewed every 2 months and will provide a bundle of donation perks so long as it is active.

What types of Perks we talking about here gusky

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2 hours ago, Eclipse said:

Until I find exploits in your code

It's okay, I've got you in mind <3 you won't find any.. I'll even give you the back end code too <3

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Cheers to all the Devs putting all their time and effort into getting us some fresh new content, the amount of new things that have come to the server recently is crazy.

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45 minutes ago, Qteks said:

Will there be extra slots added to regimental capacities? As second characters will add a lot of demand to recruitment.

That is a VERY fucking good point. @Guskywalker

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