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Garry's Ban Appeal

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Steam Details

Steam Name: Garry

Steam ID: 76561197990472022

Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197990472022/home

In Game Details

In Game Name: Kelvan

In Game Rank: PVT

In Game Regiment: Storm trooper (i got PK from being a engineer i cant remember my rank)


Ban Details



How long was the ban for: Forever

Which staff member banned you: Frank

What date did the ban occur: 30/12/2017

What was the reason for the ban:  Staff disrespect/No intent


I have done two ban appeals both were denied They both explain everything that happened in good detail, This is the link to my first ban appeal:


This is the link to my second ban appeal:



I hope you don't think i am lazy by just saying go to this link from my past appeals but they are both a good reference in what happened that long ago.


Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned:  

From what i can remember, During debrief Palpatine was saying a speech in the middle of it a higher ranking navy person ( Maxine ) kept telling me to move because i was in his spot, I was lagging and did not respond i got arrested/restrained by him and had a small argument about him restraining/arresting me. He kept going on about me being on his spot so i told him to "shhh" a few times because he would not stop talking about it while we were in the middle of a debrief. Palpatine heard what was going on during his speech and decided to kill and strip me from my rank, I was very upset and called Maxine and Frank a "cunt" and "asshole" several times and got perm banned.

I tried to get my ban appealed as it was my first ban, Unfortunately i also took the blame for someone else's behavior (Maxine now named marsh) posted saying my "friend" said this "(OOC) ST Private Critical: hey iden you transgender **RACIST WORD** demoting someone for saying shh because you cant stfu during a debrief isnt a valid reason" To make sure it is clear i am not Critical nor did i ever tell anyone to say something like that I have no idea that someone even said that too Maxine until it was posted on my ban appeal for obvious reasons i don't believe this should even have anything to do with me as this is MY ban appeal about MY behavior not someone else's. I am sorry for what that person said on my behalf but i have no control in what someone else says, That person may have seen what happened to me and got angry and took it upon themself to abuse Maxine. Either way it got denied as soon as everyone assumed i was involved in what Critical said to Maxine.

I took a break for 6 months or so and joined Empire gaming and joined shock, I came across the higher ranking navy person ( Maxine ) i swore at and told to "shhh" i apologized to him and i had assumed we were cool with each other. I attempted to do a ban appeal again thinking i made a amends with the person i swore at and made upset i also understood why i was banned and why it is not acceptable to resort to swearing so i thought why not i will try again but unfortunately it seems as soon as i get linked to this Critical person i get denied.


Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance:  

I believe i deserve to be unbanned or given a second chance because i have matured a lot since this happened i have a wife and two children now, Having kids have taught me how to control my temper even through very stressful times. Whenever i think of the good times while playing on this server i think about how my kids would love to play this game and role play i think back at how i ruined that for them because of my temper i honestly feel like such a buffoon for ruining this opportunity for not only my self but my kids. What really makes me think about what i did was wrong was by imagining if my children or anyone else's children were playing the game when i lost my temper and hearing me swearing. As a parent i would not appreciate someone else acting like that. I honestly believe i have changed and i can hopefully set a good example on this server i do miss this server so much i remember coming home from work and getting lost in the immersion, It even helped me when i had a stressful day.

I remember working hard to get into the position i was in when it was stripped from me in a heart beat i just lost it i was so upset it took ages for me to get to that position as i work and didn't have much time to play it took ages to get over it and even to this day it will sometimes pass my mind. I feel like that is my main reason for attempting another appeal to finally make amends with this community and put the past behind me and hopefully allow this community to forgive me. From what i have read on both previous ban appeals and what i remember i do feel like my punishment was justified for what actually happened i was wrong i should of been able to control my emotions and not get angry even tho i lost the rank i worked hard for because i told a higher ranking navy person ( Maxine ) to "Shhh" during a debrief. I am sorry for swearing and being verbally abusive to Maxine and Frank by saying the words "cunt" and "asshole" several times after i was stripped from my rank, I can assure you that i am more mature and i understand even tho at the time i felt like i have been unfairly judged or been punished unfairly due to the person i said "shh" too it does not mean i should swear and lose my temper, I should always show respect.

I am truly sorry to Frank, Maxine and the imperial gaming community for swearing and being unable to control my anger. My attitude 4 years ago was not acceptable. if i had controlled my temper and accepted the situation and moved on i would not be in the position i am in now writing a ban appeal 4 years later. If this Ban appeal is approved i promise i will try and be a good example of someone who can change for the better.


Kind regards,



(I have edited this post several times the more i think about the situation the more i add or change.)

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You will be unbanned tonight & placed on a 1 month probation. Any rule breaking will result in your ban being reinstated.

Please take this time to familiarize yourself with the Imperial Gaming Rules

Welcome Back to the Server!

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