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As we continue our progression event timeline this weekend, we'll be returning to the Death Star as you'll be aware of if you follow the rotation schedule.

Due to changes in the server the old Death Star handbook is completely out of date and there's no intention to update it due to the limited time that we'll be spending on the map. A significant amount of work behind the scenes has been done to ensure that we can have the best experience on the Death Star map this month. We've worked to make the Death Star map more accessible and interesting for Military and other branches in a variety of different ways.

Due to the nature of this progression and the in-character repercussions, we've seen fit to carry over a few of the prior rules regarding the Death Star to 2021. We won't bore you with an overcomplicated rulebook, but we do ask that you adhere to said rules. Failure to obey any of these rules will result in the moderation team taking action.

General OOC Rules

  • The Exhaust Port is not to be talked about or explicitly referenced in character. 
  • Jumping down the main shaft is FailRP (Doesn't apply if you're FearRP'd into doing so or unintentionally fall in)
  • Hyperspacing the DS-01 without DS-1 Command Staff's (Krennic / Tarkin / Romodi) explicit permission is to be considered FailRP.
  • Firing the Superlaser without the appropriate RP is failRP

Roleplay Knowledge

  • After the first firing of the Death Star on Jedha City, the stations true name/purpose is no longer unknown to players and may be used freely in RP. However, ISB may punish you in character for its discussion at their digression.
  • After the Destruction of Alderaan, the true purpose of the Death Star and its true name will be more widespread.
  • AFter the Battle of Yavin and the Destruction of the Death Star, the true purpose and name of the station will be public galaxy-wide.

Also, during testing of the map, we noticed that a small percentage of staff involved with the map setup experienced map differing issues.

This can be rectified by unsubscribing from the DS-01 Map here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598263759.
After Uninstalling go into your gmod maps folder (you can access your local files from your steam properties from gmod). Navigate from the initial garrysmod folder, to the second garrysmod folder go to your maps folder and delete any files related rp_deathstar_v1_2. If you still encounter the issue, make sure to go into your downloads folder, then the downloaded maps folder and similarly delete any rp_deathstar_v1_2 files.

We hope that you can all have an enjoyable time on the Death Star and make some great memories before it all goes down in a big fiery explosion!

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