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Mauler Trial Moderator Application


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Player Server Profile Information

In-Game Name (Most Identifiable): Mauler

SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:25458159

Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011182046

Time Played (UTime): a13c8778e502d25b605eae4b769f42bd.png

Player History

Have you had any warnings in the past? If so, please list them: 

  • 1x FailRP | By JD | Using guns as a Massiff
  • 1x Racism | By myself | In 2017, someone said "nig" in ooc, in which I said "ger" afterwards.

Have you had any bans in the past? If so, please list them:

  • I got a ban for charge-backing a donation, but it was resolved within a day. (2016)

I genuinely cannot answer this question as I've been meme-banned by fellow staff too often.

Have you had any similar positions (Staff, PAC3, Developer) on other servers? If so, please list them:

2014 - Moderator - Administrator on 420BlazitGaming TTT. Staff for 1 year before it shutdown. I was rank locked at Moderator until 2 months before Shutdown due to full team.
2014 - Administrator - Head Administrator on 420 Blaze-it-Gaming Deathrun. Staff for 3 months before the Manager disappeared and the server shutdown.
2014 - Moderator - twice on Dopefish Gaming Deathrun. First Time, I was staff for 3 months before me and the owner realised I was too young and immature for the role and I resigned (I was 12). Several Months later, I was given it back for 2 months before I left again.
2017-2018 - Trial Moderator - Senior Moderator on Imperial Gaming SWRP. Some of us know how that went.
2017 - Moderator - Administrator - Imperial Gaming Deathrun. The project was initiated by Egg until he shut it down because it died before it begun. It ended with me as Moderator but the server remained up for a month after Egg gave up and Novawubbz and I tried reviving it (and successfully) before the server shut itself down (last month of pay).
2017 - Temporarily teamed up with 2 webdevs on the server to make a brand new Landing Page for IG. It is no longer used.
2017-2018 - PAC Tier 2 on Imperial Gaming
2017 - Administrator on Imperial Gaming TTT. The Project also died after its Manager disappeared.
2020 - Administrator on Saltmine TTT. Server was up initially as a Friends little server before they released it as a community. It was up for 2-3 months before it was shutdown.
2020-2021 - Trial Moderator - Junior Moderator on Imperial Gaming SWRP. 



Tier 1-2 on IG, 2017-2019

Tier 1-2 on IG, 2020-2021

Basic Reasoning Questions

Why should you be given this position over others?:

Simply, I shouldn't be picked over others. If others are being denied based purely because I did/am better, I feel that's wrong. However to answer the question, I should be given this position as I have ample experience in the role as a Moderator on Imperial Gaming, and can assist both my fellow Trial Moderators and all my peers in the moderation of the server. My abilities as a Moderator have rarely been questioned, and I feel I can use them here.

Why should you be trusted with this position? and do you believe others think of you with the same perspective?:

I personally feel that I can be trusted with this position as I have been this position twice before on this server. On top of this, I've also been a PAC Tier 2 user twice before on IG, so that should go a ways to proving that I can be trusted with this position. However, I don't believe this opinion is universal. I believe some people will think me to be very biased and immature. This is mainly due to my colourful attitude in the OOC chat on the server, as well as how I was terminated from the Moderator Team early in 2021.

Why are you applying for this position?:

I'm applying for this position for a number of reasons. Namely, I keep being asked by members of the community both past and present if/when I'm reapplying for Staff. However, up until... well, now, I have been hesitant to reapply. Now though, I'm reapplying as I feel I can do more good to the community, really step up and assist the moderation team in their duties. If I get denied, it's fine and I'll know why.

Before we continue, anything else you’d like to add?: No.

Moderator Reasoning Questions

You see a civilian killing others without an obvious roleplay reasoning behind it, what do you do?:

Ask the victim(s) if there's a reason (and if not, if they'd like something done). If the victims wanted it dealt with, I'd strike up an Admin Situation, bringing all parties to me (preferably in a quiet space i.e outside the map), and get all sides to the story. According to the Civilian RP rules/handbook, Civilians are in fact, IMPERIAL Civilians and do require a reason to kill others.

Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?

Count how people were killed. Then I'd go to all the victims and check if it was in fact RDM. If yes, I would then wait 5-10 minutes or until the Mass RDMer reconnected. Then after 5-10 minutes, if they haven't reconnected, I would awarn their SteamID and then proceed to ban them. Ban Length would be dependent on amount killed. If the ban length exceeds my maximum ban duration, I would get a higher rank staff to extend it. 

If however it wasn't RDM, I would ignore it.

A user has been given tools for training. You soon discover they are using the tools to prop kill and prop block. What course of action do you take?:

I would convene with higher ranked staff members to get a tool-blacklist on the user, as well as warning the user for Tool-Abuse and/or RDM if they did any.

Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?:

First, make sure it is infact bullying (check with victim). Then I would try and resolve the situation without dishing out harsh punishment. If the bully apologises and the victim is ok with it, I would ask them if they would be okay with an AWARN on the bully or if it's not necessary. If the situation isn't resolved, AWARN them for bullying/harrassement. If they continue, ban them.

A player enters the servers and begins to make racial slurs. What do you do?:

Verbally warn them for Racism (and log it), as well as informing the user that racism isn't tolerated. If they continue, AWARN and then kick.

Someone threatens to DDOS the server. What do you do?

Ban them, and then get an admin to extend it. Record any evidence.

You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?

Record any and all evidence of the abuse. If the abuse was benign/non-malicious, I would politely suggest in admin chat not to do what they're doing. If it is malicious, I would report them to their superior with the evidence.

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Me and mauler don't see eye to eye but i can say that he is a pretty good 'people person' and i reckon after a year from his previous mistakes he has learnt how to improve as a moderator

Could use a bit more detail but you are straight to the points

This man has dedication and a lot of it


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1 hour ago, Dodger said:

Neutral leaning to +1- 

  • From my experiences with you in game are not the best
  • A lot of staff experience
  • More detail in application
  • Pac trusted

    Good luck

Honestly man It brings me happiness that you don't view me as utter dogshit.

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On 8/17/2021 at 1:18 AM, Matrix said:


Possesses all the qualities required of a moderator to deal with tough situations, has plenty of past moderator experience and has the capability to take control of a situation if need be.


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