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bring back clone wars


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Clone wars would split the IG player base and each server would have barely enough to function and it would not be fun to play on, killing both servers. If we where to switch fully to clone wars then again most players would leave and the server would not have enough players. Lastly people play IG for the IMP's not because they want to be clones, go to gateway to be a clone, play IG for Imperial rp.

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Could do half-yearly campaign events. Where management could set up another server with ported over old clone wars models and everything needed. Before the actual campaign you would get a correlated rank switch depending on what you have on Imperial. (sith>jedi, IHC>RHC, etc etc). After sorting out content, maps, events and a brief day or two of getting everyones rank set the campaign would begin lasting a maximum of two weeks, after the event, rewards will be handed out to the IMPRP server and the server closed until the next campaign?


  • Brings back the CWRP feel that most people miss
  • Dosent take much away from the main server, as it lasts for a max of 2 weeks
  • Allows EM to be creative in their clone story telling
  • Rank crossovers isnt that hard to do (just time consuming), with new people that may join the server just being set to a CT Private
  • Before its actually decided upon, you could put a donation goal every year towards the campaign, both to incentivise community donation, support but to also fund further campaigns (maybe a donation goal of 100-150?)
  • Incites active community engagement as management are willing to branch out again, if only for a set amount of time.
  • Re-use old models, takes off the load from the Developers.


  • Requires alot of logistics, work to be done
  • Devs would need to focus alot (alot of development maybe)
  • There would be a deadline for it to be set in stone
  • Alot of pressure to perform and not mess up.
  • Server stability of IMPRP during those 2 weeks

Thoughts on this idea?

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17 hours ago, Higashi said:

Dosent take much away from the main server, as it lasts for a max of 2 weeks

Bruh, minecraft moment

17 hours ago, Higashi said:

There would be a deadline for it to be set in stone

Just don't set a deadline, let devs work on it as they please


Clonewars RP would bring back a lot of the old community, and also a lot of the community wants it back, there'd be no need for rank transfers. Have people apply for the roles and have people that did well in their roles that want to return such as mongo, luigi, siege, aphrodite, jeb, Happy, Vadrian and Marlu have a high role to keep the server running.

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