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MC Changelog - Gabbagool


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Changelog 2 - Gabagool

Players have been holding since the last changelog I announced, we are currently trying to focus on the projects at hand on the trello, but recent lockdowns/other irl mishaps have slowed down progress on the server, but we hope to bring more and more content, and build this small boat into a ship that can sail anywhere. We are also currently scouting for as many hands to help out the server, builders and devs are very sought after. So if you are a dev or a builder or know someone who is and is willing to help build a friggin cool server, be sure to dm Gusky or myself. With that being said, lets get onto it.

  • Added Jobs Reborn
    • This can be accessed via the /jobs (/jobs browse) command and will open a menu that will allow you to set a maximum of two jobs, depending on the job, you can now earn money for doing a certain task, money for miners, money for fishing, killing, crafting etc etc depending on the 2 jobs you focus on. As you go down the line in the job (the more levels you progress) the higher the rewards and possible random rewards. These jobs are:
      • Miners
      • Lumberjack
      • Builder
      • Farmer
      • Hunter
      • Fisherman
      • Weaponsmith
      • Brewer
    • Tweaks made: (Per unit on the dollar)
      • Stone: 1.0 > 0.4
      • Sand: 0.4 >0.25
      • Diorite: 1 > 0.66
      • Granite: 1> 0.66
      • Andesite 1>0.66
      • Ice: 1.5 > 1
      • Blue Ice: 1.5 > 1
      • Packed Ice: 1.5 > 1
      • Nether quartz 2.5 > 3.33
      • Coal: 3> 2.4 
      • ALL Logs: 1>0.8
      • Planks 1.5 > 0.6
    • Increased delay on money appearing on your screen (saves performance and our sanity all in one)
    • Disabled /job shop
  • Misc Changes
    • /refer - Refer a person who recommended the server to you, you and him get a reward
    • /referleaderboard - Shows top 5 people with referrals 
    • Fixed NPC's not spawning
    • Added in Salary
      • Every 5 Minutes: $200 (Base salarly)
      • Donator Kit 1 - $250
      • Donator Kit 2- $300
      • Donator Kit 3 - $350
      • Donator Kit 4 - $400
      • Donator Kit 5 - $500
    • Spawners are now stackable to reduce lag
      • Capture.PNG

Thankyou to all devs for their hard work. Show your support by refering friends, voting for the server and advertising if you can, hope to see you all for the next update. Stay safe.

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