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Hi, I'm Jon. :)


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hey there! I'm Jon, that name might sound familiar to you, might not to others.


I've recently returned to the server after a LONG break (a year and a half almost) and looking to have fun and make some friends with this new community! :) if you don't know me, I mainly used to be in 996th, 374th, and Navy! I used to play on the server for countless hours everyday and I've missed that, so I'm returning lol 

i consider myself to be a chilled and friendly guy, and happy to have a conversation whenever.

now, although this may seem wholesome and whatnot, I do have a confession:

I did jump from reg to reg fairly often a while back (however, I did the stay the required of days then discharged, but that doesn't matter), and to multiple different regiments. I want to apologize for these actions, as I was younger and still fairly new ish to the server, and found every regiment interesting, so my mentality at the time was to experience every regiment I could. at the time, I thought that it was okay to do, but I realize now that regiment hoppers are definitely annoying, and the action itself is frowned upon by the community. Although it doesn't mean much over some forum message, I do promise to never regiment jump again, hopefully you guys can forgive me :) 


now, with that out of the way, i'm also learning LUA and gLUA, in the hopes of becoming a developer in the future, so if anybody could give me any tips that would be super appreciated! :D 

also, recently my gmod has been crashing everytime i load into the server, anybody know a fix?


thanks so so much for reading this if you are, means a lot. im always happy to have a conversation, so come up to me if you see me if you want!

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