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Army High Command Expression of Interest


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Before anyone starts getting mad or criticising this post, this post is purely about who is interested in Army High Command inside and outside the branch of army.

As some of you may know AHC haven't been doing so well lately so we have decided to look for outside options for the next best suitable candidate. If you think you are interested in AHC, complete the form below with as much detail as possible. You must be a minimum of Chief Warrant Officer equivilant in any branch. 

Just so it's clear, I'm not making applications. If you are interested in AHC and if we think you are potentially suitable, you will be noted down and we will keep an eye on you for a bit. If you have been performing well then we will have a chat with you. If we still think you are doing well enough you may be offered a position in high command. 



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14 minutes ago, Bailey said:

Time to bring back Imperial High Command Academy or whatever it was called.

Imperial High Commander Officers Academy
I am ready to apply as Major General Planz

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