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Later boy's


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It's been a fun few years boys but my time has come.

Through the many great memories I have had, it will stay with me for a while until I don't care anymore :D. I will probably come on the server maybe twice a year to see whats up ( I'll be more active still than @Matto

I would like to give a few shutouts to some people that made my time on the server enjoyable, @Matrix @Tinky @Jaggy @Moey @Renegade @Fredrick @Verstappen @Jaggy @Stubzy @Rook @Braino @Nick @Marlu @Cecil @Ballzy @Hawkz @Nine @Stryker @Grif(For the short time I knew him) @Hammer @Rad_Cop @Splonter @Pickle @Delta @Theta and few more I might have  forgot to tab.


Anyways I think everyone has a expiry date and mine has come. I thank everyone for making my time enjoyable and letting me be a staff in the Event team and Mod team, I hope everyone takes my rest with a promise of hope that you to can also become Un-addicted from GMOD. I hope my resignation shares some historic, nostalgic, distant memories with you guys and you take them with you for years to come. I hope my RP was somewhat enjoyable and Sith will always be home to me. But at the end of the day our timer always ends on zero and same with life, so if you ever want to jam some games or just talk then I will be there but for now I must rest.



Later boy's

Kind regards - Kippy

P.S - The post hits different with the music track at the bottom.






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Welp, tbh I never thought you'd leave before me dude. Even though I'm still probably gonna talk to you regularly anyway, gonna miss having ya on the server. Can't believe you went from some kid who @Stubzy and I thought would never be good enough to join marauders to being a good friend I would still be speaking to years later.

Enjoy yourself.

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5 minutes ago, Chubbs said:

you will be missed young man. May your singing career grow big son i will watch over you


Song enough to make a grown man almost cry, but we ain't no beta.

In all honesty thanks for the song and kind words haha (I don't sing)

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