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As mentioned in the community meeting a couple weeks ago, myself and several other members of the community have been hard at work developing the next frontier for Imperial Gaming. Since the beginning, this community has had a diverse range of interests which intersected at our joint love for star wars. That’s why we believe a star wars themed minecraft factions server is the way forward whilst remaining true to our core beliefs. We hope to do some play-testing this coming week, with full release in the following weeks. With all this said, below I will outline the key mechanics of the gamemode.

  • Factions
    • Vanilla factions will be one of the foundations of the server. As per usual, friends can make their own factions, build their own bases and raid enemy factions.
    • Spawn will be at (0,0), and will contain a; PVP arena, shop and other standard amenities
    • Warp points in the form of star wars ships, will take you 750 blocks from spawn.
  • Clans
    • There will be two main clans; the Empire and the Rebellion. When a player joins, they will be prompted to join a clan, in which they will remain for the remainder of the wipe.
    • Like SWRP, both clans will have their own ranks, in which players can climb by contributing to the clan.
    • Located on opposite corners of the map, you’ll find the Empire stronghold and the Rebel stronghold respectively.
    • Clans will be in addition to factions, and people in the same clan are allowed raid eachother.
  • Blackmarket
    • For better prices, risk shopping at the blackmarket where PVP is enabled and mobs spawn.
    • In addition to the cheaper prices compared to the spawn store, the black market will also have unique items, like spawners.
    • The blackmarket will only be accessible during prime time.
  • Monuments
    • There will be four monuments in total, located on the corners of a 750 block square radius around spawn.
    • These are small areas close to the warp zone in which chests and hostiles will periodically respawn.
  • Arenas
    • Located in the other corners of the map are two arenas. This is where large scale clan events will take place. The winning clan and the top players will be rewarded at the end of each event.
    • Events will be held by staff members, and all players will start with the same kits.
  • Wipe System
    • This server will wipe every month to ensure no one faction gains a complete monopoly over the server and to ensure fresh gameplay.
  • Voting System
    • Spread the word of the server by voting and receive vote keys to unlock crates. As per usual, top voters of the month will receive donator ranks.

Big shoutout to @Hideyoshi @Stathi @Greyback @Veteran @Cracked @Bailey @JayLamar and @Kippy for their work on the server. If you have a passion for minecraft and would also like to help out, please send me a message on discord.


Below are some pictures of the buildings you can expect to see come launch!












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1 minute ago, Shepard said:

Downloading the hacks now B|



@Delta Base together? :$

Always thinking about hacks :|
Why not just play a game without having a 3rd party software to your advantage.

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17 minutes ago, Guskywalker said:

This server will wipe every month to ensure no one faction gains a complete monopoly over the server and to ensure fresh gameplay.

;-; my dungeon will not live for long 

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1 hour ago, Shepard said:

Base with Delta and I? :$

Don't worry man Ill  base with you 😂


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