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Developer Changelog - May Update

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Hi All,

This post may be a little late but only because I was making sure only the highest quality changelog is produced. There's a lot!

Development Changelogs
Added naval entities (hyperspace console & Pilot License database console)
Added Non Stun Massif Swep (Needs to be added to Job Code)
- Fixed Twist's spelling mistake in PL Console :feelsbadman:
- Added Name and Rank display on PL console 
- Replaced ven_riddick_dlt23v with Smart Launcher for Sky Heavies
- Added Unique Clearance to Dynamic Loadouts
- Tasers are now blockable by lightsabers (they now act like bullets)

- Added mute and scale feature for turbolaser tool
- Added Twists medical equipment
- Added "!slowwalk" command to set yourself to 85 walkspeed repeat to reset speed to normal
- Fixed Shoretrooper Medic model, Fixed Shoretrooper NCO models
- With the help of Eclipse we have redone the Hologram tools code and it should have a noticeable increase to client performance
- Added Hideyoshi's Orto Customizer (It actually works this time)
- Updated Strykers Panels (Ty Hideyoshi)
- Updated Hideyoshi's Music Player
- Added Fort_Mithraw to server
- Added 31st Battalion Regiments (Infantry, Scar), Renamed IC > 31st Imperial Commando

Milestone Staff Promotions
@yeff- EM>SEM
@Seaelay- EM>SEM

Kristofer is currently working on altering the rules of engagement for Sith.

Let me know if you would like all the developer updates like above or rather you would prefer me to narrow down on a few key changes.

Much Love,


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9 hours ago, Cecil said:

 Tasers are now blockable by lightsabers (they now act like bullets)

do they reflect as taser bolts?

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