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HOI4 Star Wars Game Night

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Hey hey,


Just thought I'd chuck a post here to invite anyone who was interested in playing a Hearts of Iron 4 game on Saturday (the 5th) using the Palpatine's Gamble mod. Most of the people playing will probably be from IG, so if you've either never really been interested in the game or haven't found a lot of people to play with, this is your opportunity to give it a shot. 

This is the mod we'll be using: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2477222513 it's set from just before episode 1 to the end of episode 3, so if ur interested in Star Wars grand strategy games I highly recommend you give it a try. 

If ur interested, feel free to chuck me a DM on discord. My tag is Matrix#0066, hope to see you there.

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5 hours ago, Bailey said:

But I suck at HOI4, can I join and just buff @Theta the whole time?

suuuure dude, but if ur not confident there's plenty of planets you can play as where it doesn't really matter if you do well or not like umbara, kashyyyk etc.

3 hours ago, Mauler said:

Trusty kuat is here to inflate the market with Venators


surely like 5 victory classes.

31 minutes ago, Delta said:

Did somebody say sub 3s

Sub no exist in this mod :|

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Had the game bought for me like 3 years ago but never played it, might as well give it a try so I can kiss delta in it see what it's like

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