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The year was 25 BBY, I saw and reached for the light in a tunnel of darkness, warm hands, big glaring eyes and a smile so big that it filled the room. This was my first memory, the person that molded me, the person that made me reach out for the light. It was my mother. I could feel my mothers warm hands over my body as she held me for the first time. It was comforting, assuring and it made me feel safe. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted away, the light began to diminish and I descended into the tunnel of darkness yet again.


It felt cold, I could feel my mothers arms holding me, I could feel my ears freeze, my toes curl and my fingers turn numb, but there it was again the light, it opened my eyes and I was greeted with a white dessert. I was born on a snowy planet named Carlac where snowflakes touched your nose, where the breeze filled your ears with its music and where the sun greets you with its warm gentle light, I was home.


5 years have passed and now I can stand on my own two feet. I hear the sound of my mother calling my name “Jozo! Come here!” I ran towards my mother tripping over myself. She hands me a key attached to a piece of rope and fits it across my small little neck. She kisses me on the forehead and sends me along my merry way. The day passed and slowly the darkness began to fill the sky, my mother tucked me into my bed, read me a story and kissed me good night. I was again in the tunnel of darkness.


The light grabbed me out of nowhere, a raging fire had woken me up, red was all I saw from that moment on, I looked up and I saw the red tips of the raging flames, I look to my front and I see the flame itself engulfing my house and finally I looked down and saw blood trailing to a disfigured and dismembered person my eyes were filled with fear and disgust as I looked at this ghastly sight, the person was unrecognizable, their eyes were out of their socket, their head was split open and their jaw was missing. I looked down and saw a shiny object, I looked harder and it was a key. I looked down on my own neck and saw that it was the same key. Putting two and two together my eyes began to flood with water, as I realised that this person was my mother, I cried and wailed and gasped for air, I kept gasping and gasping for air but no air was coming through my air ways. I noticed that a tall shadowy figure was holding me by the throat. I struggled and fought to no avail, this was my first time feeling powerless, as my eyes began to close all I could see was a visible crest that looked like a claw mark on this man's helmet. Yet again I descended into the tunnel of darkness.


The memory of the flames and how bright it was flashed into my head and I was pulled out by the bright light again. I was on a cargo ship along with many other people, boxes occupied the spaces and it was cramped, the air was filled with children crying and all I could see was injured, burnt and critically wounded people. Whilst all these bodies occupied the ship, it felt cold, I felt alone, thoughts of my mother filled my head and my eyes began to flood once again. A man was sitting right next to me, he felt my pain and said that everything is over and that it's going to get better. He told me not to worry, we talked more and more and learned that both of his daughters were killed by the death watch, a mandalorian guild that plundered and raided our home town. Anger and Rage filled my head and that was the seed that started it all. The man told me that it was going to be a long ride so sleeping would be the best option. I closed my eyes, gathered my thoughts and tried to find peace, but all I could find was the cold and dark tunnel, it was starting to feel like home.


A warm fire touched my face and the sound of metal banging against each other was just another day for me. It was 7 BBY the Galactic Empire had taken over the Galactic Republic 12 years ago and now I'm 18 in a mechanics shop no where to go. The fire reminded me of my mother and the sounds reminded me of the chaos. Banging a hammer and immersing myself into the flames made me feel powerful. I was known for my robotics and mechanic work on the moon of NaJedha. I felt like I owned the place, I felt power for once and I felt that everybody there was inferior to me as I mastered my craft. As I immersed myself into my work there was a knock at the door, I got up and opened it. It was an imperial naval engineer, his name was Crofty he was accompanied by Caros Antares also known as Queball, they had heard about my work on droids and they wanted a creative mind like me to represent their robotics division. I was impressed with the offer and I wanted to work as soon as possible. They took me into their lambda, fashioned me into the overalls and I began working my way up the chain. As we headed into deep space I was once again surrounded by the darkness as I descended further into the tunnel I truly realised that it was home.


7 years have passed, the bright lights of the reactor room woke me up, I have now been an Imperial Naval Engineer for 7 years, my Commanding Officer Delta as well as Crofty had told Me, Chad and Queball that we would be deploying to lothal to do some base repairs, unfortunately queball and delta as well as crofty couldn’t make it but I was sent alone to look over their robotics division. All was going well until “that” happened. I once again felt powerless as I boarded the rescue shuttles. I knew that I had to obtain power.


5 months have passed and I had a family that accepted me. I was an adopted cousin of Ernest Wang, he showed me around the new tiebays and we made our way back to the BSD. A short but confident young woman had approached me saying that if I was interested in an Administration job on the ISD Tartarus then I should make my way up to AHC dressed appropriately and on time 7pm sharp! The Woman that had interviewed me was no other than Gina Valentina, she was confident but funny at the same time, I decided to leave the Engineering Corps and pursue a higher position in the Imperial Administration. I wanted to lay back and take some load off my shoulders, my emotions were getting the best of me. I began to devote my time into making hidden weapons such as “Project Icarus” in the Engineering Corps. I wanted my mind to be at peace. But a voice called out to me and I went blank, the darkness had consumed me.


I followed the voice, Through the corridor, into the tie bays turning left, boarding the shuttle and making my way into the death star. Rage, Anger, Fear had been building up inside of me, the brothers that had died on lothal I heard their voices saying to submit to the darkness, the voices of Gina, Crofty, Delta, Chad and Queball had filled my head “Submit, Submit it is home!” Finally the voice of my mother reached out to me, just like the light did but this time, it pulled me downwards, immensing and engulfing me into the darkness. I was finally home. All these years I had strived for power and revenge and now I have found the place to seek for it and to obtain it, a man with a deep but elegant voice reached out to me. Welcome, this is your trial by fire. You are home, welcome to the dark side.


The Marauder trial has now began.......


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sorry if there's any spelling mistakes <3 wrote this at like 2am now its 5am lmao

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I Wasn't expecting you to include being part of engineers or how you had to go to the death star to join marauders, but it was different. Clearly you put a decent amount of effort into it, nicely done.

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