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The Fall of Pureus and The Knights - Final Video [Sad]

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Ladies and Gentlemen for those who don't know, On Thursday night my beloved character Pureus the Knight Commander died for causes explained in this short video.
This indeed will be my last video made for the server as my legacy ends.
I must warn you that this video does include a very gloomy theme, please don't watch if you find yourself to be sensitive to this kind of thing.

Thank you for everything Imperial Gaming.
The man who portrayed Pureus may soon return ;)



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Its sad when well known people leave the community, you were a good commander of the knights my friend and you could see by the effort put into your fairwell that everyone thought so too. All good things must come to an end, hope to see you back on the server another time under a new name as you're a good addition to the server (Plus everyone loved you voice changer) Fairwell my friend.

PS. good video


Hermes :(


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