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Community Meeting Notes [22/05/21]


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Hello IG,

Tonight on Discord we had a Community Meeting in regards to the direction of the Community as well as some questions that people had at the time and some from the form provided in the last post. Thank you @Kippy for writing them. I made some small additions here and there.

Questions will be marked in RED
Answers will be marked in BLUE

The beginning of the meeting was questions from the form which I don't have access to, so I'll just be putting out what Kippy wrote down.

START, What happened here? _________ (something about additions to Sith?)
Shotguns and Snipers are getting a buff as we move closer to the Draconic Weapon base (overheating instead of Ammo) - Gusky
Donation swaps for regiments within 501st can go through if AHC and Management approve it - Gusky
ST Models are going to be compiled so file size is decreased and ST materials are fixed & updated - Gusky
Monthly Community meetings might occur but will try to attempt more often due to conflicting management schedule -Cecil
New Mod intake will hopefully be taken in next weekend - Siege
(Cracked) Has been working on a rework for Rishi moon [Only Interior works are left] 2 days max - Gusky
Credits will not be coming back onto the donation store - Cecil (Anybody who needs a more indepth explanation can contact me @Bailey directly as to why they suck)
Lore progression events are coming to a halt - Cecil
Prop limit will become more publicly known so there is less confusion - Cecil
Sandbox is not being looked into yet and it’s not close to being playable - Cecil
Outdated rules are going to be updated, There is no ERP and keep it to common sense  - Cecil


Bibleman asked "Are we going to have more city maps for rotations? As RP is greatly increased."
Kristofer answered "The Community is split in terms of rotation maps, and we can’t get everyone on the same terms with enjoying them. More passive rotations are coming."

Ragnar asked "Big issue with the rework with weapons and we can’t use the weapons we used points for (Uniformed regiments), Also Keycards are broken in terms of permissions”
Stryker answered "This is TBA at the moment." As mentioned earlier, we may be doing the Draconic weapon system soon so an overhaul could be coming. Siege also added to this with "Pilot's licenses will be added to keycards sometime soon."

Binny asked “Are there any plans to give uniformed regiments less HP because they are not wearing armour?“
Gusky answered “They are already given lower HP’s, and they will not be lowered in terms of the server functions but it can be looked into”

Veteran asked “What are the Prop to Bunk limit, and are we able to get incentive for players to become EC’s“
Gusky answered “We can look into more additions to be a EC such as salary and XP." Cecil made an additional comment "We are open to sharing the limit of props in bunks with people if they ask for them, especially when building."

Various people asked about WiltOS
Siege answered “WILTOS will most likely not be making a return as it was quite buggy”

Yeff asked “What's an acceptable level of swearing on the server?”
Cecil answered "Appropriate usage of swear words in RP is fine but if they become too much of an issue you have to tone it back down. OOC chat can get excessive with it and it doesn’t really need to be there”

JD asked “Loadout changes, are we going to be given our overridden loadout weapons?”
Gusky answered “All Regiments will be getting their weapons corrected soon”

Kris went on a small tangent about RP and EC rules. “RP can be anything as long as it complies with server rules, logistic RP and CIV RP should be able to do their roles”
“Unwritten rules around bunk areas and EC’s attacking them, But now official rules will be looked into and fleshed out more”

Scheff asked “Second life donation, are we going to be able to get one such as a low rank ST ETC”
Cecil answered “Don’t mind it as long as it’s a low rank, for the second half of the question the server doesn’t need another revenue stream. But more than happy to explore it”

Strix asked “Are we going to be getting armour and health tweaks to certain regiments so it’s more equal for officer and less armoured regiments”
Gusky answered “TFA are always going to be unequal as different shots = different damage, Initially when I was redoing HP I was going to make the increments lower but I don’t think we will be changing it anytime soon”

Apple asked “Wondering if we are expanding the community to other games”
Cecil answered "We'll touch on that at the end."

Bubbles asked "Is CFP going to make a return?"
Kris answered "No. CFP can be done in PassiveRP."

Yeff asked “Is the server going to give commission to some of the Dev’s for making models and maps for us?”
Cecil answered “I am hesitant to turn it into a transactional relationship, but if there is a major project being put into play then there is a possibility”

Ragnar asked “Are there new plans for officer models?”
Gusky answered "The Dev’s are tinkering with officer models but I don’t know what progress we have on those”

Binny asked “With the recent changes are we getting more passive events in the near future?”
Kris answered "Yes."

Rhydon (Apple) "Aye yo, can ya'll uhhhh, ride on these nuts?"
Everyone laughed.

Angus asked “Are we going to be opening up rank changes, such as slots?”
Gusky answered "We recently changed some, but if you think your regiment needs to be looked into it can. But overall we are trying to cut down on officer slots in total.”

Strix asked “Any plans for weapon changes?”
Gusky answered “Twist is working on weapon changes and if it comes into play it will have tweaked values and go on an overheat system. Overall we have plenty and most likely no more packs”

Those were all the questions from the actual Q&A, Cecil then announced our new upcoming community expansion into Minecraft.  "Myself and Gusky have been doing a lot of reflection surrounding where our community is at. I think it’s a pretty prominent theme throughout our community. S&box isn’t really a place where we can consider anything really… and it would be stupid to rely on that as a continuation plan. So in doing that, Gusky & myself are proud to announce that we will be doing a Minecraft Factions server with a Star Wars twist. Sorry, more info will be up on the forums sometime in the future."

Those are all the notes, thanks for reading and being patient with us in regards to information surrounding certain things including the upcoming Factions Server.

Kind regards,
Bailey, as well as the Management Team

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Great Offer

I Receive:                                               You Receive:

                                         Galen Erso                                               Good RP, Good Building, 

                                                                                                  Good PAC's and Naval Approval



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Also the thing with sith was a question about rank equivilency and about how sith how ranks and stuff work when it comes to orders

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  • 2 weeks later...

Binny asked “Are there any plans to give uniformed regiments less HP because they are not wearing armour?“

Is there any plans to give whatever regiment Binny is in this week less HP because they have Binny in them?

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1 hour ago, Rick_Castle said:

Binny asked “Are there any plans to give uniformed regiments less HP because they are not wearing armour?“

Is there any plans to give whatever regiment Binny is in this week less HP because they have Binny in them?


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6 hours ago, Rick_Castle said:

Is there any plans to give whatever regiment Binny is in this week less HP because they have Binny in them?

I reckon we should remove Navy.

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5 hours ago, Strix said:



14 hours ago, Binny said:

I reckon we should remove Navy.

Reckon remove SK and ST and add back 6th army and CF can take shocks job

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