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Veterans Tier 1 PAC3 Application

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In-Game Name (Most Identifiable):




Steam Profile Link:


Time Played (UTime):

10 weeks and 2 days as of 2019 wipe



Have you had any warnings in the past? If so, please list them:

Yes.. [DC to avoid punishment] - Dirthi |
[RDM] - 2299-pickle (Head-Chef) |
[RDM] - {SCAR} Wingza |
[Micspam] - 2299-Pickle

Have you had any bans in the past? If so, please list them:


Have you had any similar positions (Staff, PAC3, Developer) on other servers? If so, please list them:

Currently a Junior Event Master on Imperial Gaming


\‾‾=| | | |=‾‾/

/__=| | | |=__\


Why should you be given this position over others?:

I do believe and want other players as users to have the ability to learn and use PAC3 to create and assist in their characters RP. Though for the reason this Application exists I too would like to have Tier 1 on the server. I understand that to achieve good roleplay a well thought-out character with a backstory and appearance would be needed, and I do achieve such with my current character Veteran, but I would like to go further with my other characters. Majority of whom that play the server would know that I like to play a lot of Passive RP characters, whether it be my ILC Midget Supply Master Garden or my Naval trooper characters, or a character I made up on the spot just to make some sort of RP when I'm bored. This is why I would like to be given proper Tier 1, not just leave the EM team after, (god know what would i do with myself without my EM powers) no I would use it as a stepping stone to achieve higher RP whether in my Events or just on the server. And i really want Tier 2 ;).


Why should you be trusted with this position? and do you believe others think of you with the same perspective?:

I do know it's unfair due to the fact that I'm an Event master that I already get access to Tier 1 PAC, and I will not disagree if people find that I shouldn't deserve this and someone else should, but I really just want to go further. Whether it is up the ranks of the EM team, being apart of the Grand community or just being able to do some more wacky RP for the hell of it. I know that I'll need to show myself to you the community and hope my impressions so far have been enough. To those also who may down vote this application or give me a negative in the poll, I will only hate you temporarily and then joke about it later... Still hating you a little that is. (That's a joke ;-) you dummy... or was it :O ) Now i just leave it up to you the viewer *Insert Users viewing and not subscribing joke here*, do give me a chance.


Why are you applying for this position?:

Well to say it bluntly for those who either can't understand me or just don't get it, I'm here for Tier 2. Now I know that is a bold statement to make on a post I should be on my knees begging for your approval but no, I am here for Tier two, and that's a fact. Also i might as well threaten Kris saying i will leave the EM team >:)...

But now to a more serious note, I am applying for this to see if I still have much to learn and would like this opportunity to see if I can be trusted by the community that I hang around with so much. With that, please go easy on me :')


Before we continue, anything else you’d like to add?:

Will this App get accepted... I have no idea?!


\‾‾=| | | |=‾‾/

/__=| | | |=__\


Example 1 (Attach Video, Screenshot or anything similar): Compforce Unit

This was my 3rd Ever PAC, do any of you remember, yes its that CF member >;),

With this PAC I went for a simple approach of just being able to take off my helmet to show a human face underneath. Just don't move at all or the helmet goes wacky. Nothing to flashy




Example 2 (Attach Video, Screenshot or anything similar): Stormtrooper Ex-Widow Squad PAC

This is one of my most recent and mainly used PAC's with plans to alter it with more skins

This PAC has a boot gun from a Compforce model, Black stripe on the helmet and the helmet shield, with a paint spot on the knee. It also has scout pistol and DC-15SE events that draw the weapons out when I equip them.




Example 3 (Attach Video, Screenshot or anything similar): Event PAC (Most recent) Dr Steiner

This PAC was made when I came up with the idea of a Science team going to the ISD for an Event. I sat in a TS call with other Community members making this, getting ideas, and real time responses. Which came out great.

This PAC started with HL Doctor Kleiner and his model. I wanted to make him look younger and less polygons, so I custom Imported textures to the head and body with Imperial Edits on the sleeves. I then Added a retextured Backpack as well with a Light attachment to the glasses. After this I decided to make a command that would use a holdtype to bring out a datapad, a fusion cutter, and some mechanical arms from the backpack, which worked very well, even when moving.




Example 4 (Attach Video, Screenshot or anything similar):The Senator (Wizard?)

This PAC was made for an Event made by Kristofer where we needed to play Senators, and while he uses his access to Tier 3 I did the best I could with the time given in Tier 1.

This PAC is just the removal of the original head and adding a new Head, hands, and shoes. I also added Fallout hair from my dropbox and a Wizard hat to give it some difference and chance to be remembered in the future. I also changed the skin colour for the RP reason of his Species and I added a visor to mainly cover up the problems with the eyes... Also thank you Kolto for the scarf for the neck problems :-).



Example 5 (Attach Video, Screenshot or anything similar):The Dutchman's Captain

This was one of my most hardest to create PAC's and is the start of my upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean themed PAC's. This PAC consists of the Davy Jones model on the workshop copy and pasted from my dropbox 4 times. I had to accommodate the head with Scaling my character taller, and had to use the Clip feature numerous times to get the PAC to work, I also added Krennic's cape because I could. This PAC was my greatest attempt at something that is hard for a Tier 1 user, but it was completed and created a fun and interesting Event. Also a cool sword weapon replacement...



Example 6 (Attach Video, Screenshot or anything similar): Bits and Bobs

Thomas from Daft Punk with a functioning E-Web, I midget waiter, or a Pilot Droid with a bloody Pint. I've Gone through so much, and more to create RP for me, my future events or for those around me now. I will continue doing so till the ends of time you head me... TILL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!



Example 7 (Attach Video, Screenshot or anything similar): The finishing piece

And to the final Example... This example won't be me flexing or doing something wacky, it will be to reminisce to this... My first PAC creation


^ God that looks trash...


Example 8 (Attach Video, Screenshot or anything similar): (0)_(0)


\‾‾=| | | |=‾‾/

/__=| | | |=__\


Terms & Conditions



\‾‾=| | | |=‾‾/

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Your comedic effort let alone shows how much you put into things.

Just like you already have pac and already make decent pac's i don't see why not. am i just gonna -1 while he still has tier 1? 

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+1 Detailed application pac examples looks nice but doesn't like my tentacle monsters and my flying ;-;. 

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Neutral - Heavy Lean towards a +1

- Talented with Tier 1 through EM.

- Pac3 examples are well thought out and show your ability to use different functions of the editor.

- With your history with pac3 (through EM), you've done some rather questionable things with the tool :eyes:. Which resulted in your pac3 access to be temporarily removed, after reading your application and specifically "why you should be trusted with tier 1," you don't really go into detail on why you should be trusted at all with the tool. 

That alone kind of puts me off from giving you my full support.



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Veteran in the past left a questionable impression on me, he seemed like an arrogant guy when I first met him.

But once I kept playing on the server and interacted with him more I was able to see his true personality, a great, funny and committed person. From his events and all the way to his role-play Veteran showed me that he is very compassionate about the things that he does. Veteran all in all is a pretty cool and down to earth guy once you get to know him. He's a funny cunt as well :)

Some things that he did in the past concerns me but he has proved that he is willing to do better and improve, the creativity, dedication and passion Veteran puts towards the things he does may it be events, role-play or pacs really leaves a great impression on you. His PAC 3's really brings out his dedication and hard work as well as his creative side. 



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Your approach to PAC3 and your ability to work with it has been nothing but top notch. Not only do you have a knack for making PACs yourself, you have an ability to openly teach and assist people, like myself, with working it out, consistent with your focus on assistance in all other situations. You've proven your definite ability to use PAC3 and, most definitely, Tier 1. Good luck dude.

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  • Good Pacs
  • Nice amounts of Detail
  • Can be trusted to not minge with Pac because of the last incident 
  • You are annoying and sometimes frustrating to interact with.

Good luck with your application!

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You have shown that you understand comprehensively how to utilise PAC3 to be eligible for tier 1, your examples provided are good and express that. However some of the examples shown tend to skew towards things that may be more utilised for events, I'd like to see more examples based around things you may utilize yourself in-game more, as well as a more broad array of examples that are unique.

Additionally a heavy weigh to my response is the fact that you have already received a PAC suspension in the fact that you had your PAC3 privileges revoked previously for some more than questionable PAC3s as an EM.

Overall you are a well known member of the community, however given that recent history, influences my response.

Best of luck Veteran.

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