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Hi Gamers - it's been a while.

I would like to get into the monthly habit of posting a development/management changelog of the changes that have occurred over the past month. I feel like it's important for transparency and so that I can get more direct feedback from the wider community whilst allowing myself to explain and/or discuss any key issues that occurred during the month!

Firstly, let me address something that has been getting some criticism levelled towards it - the military donation regiments.

The issue we've always had with donation regiments is that there were 3 regiments which were supposed to always be put up on the donation store as soon as the commander left, naturally this didn't happen. To remedy this, we've decided to allow all companies and squad to potentially be eligible for donation should a suitable 2IC not be within the regiment currently. This will hopefully allow successful regiments to maintain continuity even if their CO leaves.

Base military regiments (VF/Shore/ST/Shock) will no longer be able to be donated for under any circumstance.

2IC eligibility criteria

Must be above the rank of Sergeant Major 
Must be active and respected within the regiment
The higher the rank of the 2IC, the more weight a particular person will have in the ensuing discussion

As much as I would prefer to have a black and white rubric on what a 2IC needs to do, I hope everyone can appreciate that it's a grey area and so Management and AHC will have a level of discretion when deciding whether a member is suitable for the role of CO.


Removed Sub Material Tool
Removed [HBN] Imperial Stormtrooper Concept Art Model
Removed Phase Units from Experimental Units
Added Phase One Dark Troopers to Experimental Units (Devs Only)
Added new RFA system
Added Dynamic Elite Regiment Board
Added Cracked's Debrief Prop
Added new Civilian models 
Added new Extra-terrestrial models
Stopped Bossk from taking damage from Dioxis nade
HP Boosts were adjusted from 30 | 60 | 90 -> 25 | 50 | 75
Forums received a cleanup      

The Rank, Keycard and Loadout Overhauls have been implemented fully, more info can be found here - 




A huge thanks to our development team. They have been working tirelessly for some huge updates that the community has received recently.

Wishing you all well and with much love

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10 hours ago, Cracked said:

Yeah I did. Excellent work developers. I always enjoy seeing what comes next.

Thank you for listening to feedback from players, it makes the enjoyability on the server just that much better.

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