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[SPOILERS] The Bad Batch S1E2 Discussion Thread


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I’m sorry if this made you think the episode was out, I’ve had to post this one early as I’m going to be at work when the episode releases.

None of this is in a spoiler as they don’t work on phones, so I’ll update this when I get home from work tonight. The rules still apply, all text must be in a spoiler to avoid people accidentally seeing it on the forums and I hope we all enjoy this weeks episode.

The episodes will now be releasing every Friday at 5pm AEST.


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  • Bailey changed the title to [SPOILERS] The Bad Batch S1E2 Discussion Thread

Man where to start, It was a surprise to me that Cut Lawquane made another appearance, I mean when I saw the planet and heard the words deserter it all just clicked with me.

Whenever the bad batch met up with him is beyond me, however if I had to guess, Rex let them in on the secret.

Part of me is hoping that in this series it will Explain how Rex met up with Gregor and Wolffe based on how we find them in Rebels. And how Echo will react to seeing his Captain again, on that note I also love the design of Echo's armor, it really is amazing. 

I am surprised they could also get the voice actor for Su again, and with Galles comment on the skin color change, that is actually normal for Twi'leks, given how Numa's skin color darkened as she got older.


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