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[SPOILERS] The Bad Batch S1E1 "The Aftermath" Discussion Thread

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We are back at it boys. The Bad Batch has finally released and much like I said in the official Imperial Gaming Discord, the only places you're allowed to dicuss the episodes are either in this thread using spoilers and/or the #spoilers channel in the Discord. The rules are relatively simple and I don't want to have to explain them again and again to people who aren't brain dead (hopefully all ya'll.)

I'm watching it later so I'm submitting this thread atm and I'll comment with thoughts when I find some time.


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General Notes I wrote as I watched the episode

I've said it before and I'll say it time and time again, the new Star Wars opening with the red and blue on the helmets is so fucking good. I think I caught some Bad Batch helmets in there too.
Woah, that opening logo was awesome, the destruction of the Clone Wars logo to signify the closure of the Clone Wars and the Bad Batch coming through officially.
YOOOOOOOOO the opening was heat with the animated Revenge of the Sith stuff, as well as Deepa Bilaba and CALEB FUCKIN DUNE, KANAN JARRUS THE HOMIE. What a good call back, and the actor is the same actor, what good acting to sound so much younger. On top of that, the design of these Clones is awesome (the green ones at least, I did a google and they're led by a bloke named Commander Grey, hope we find out their official name). They Regiment were dug in like it was some fucking World War 1 defence, apparently the Captain here is Captain Styles.
Again the introduction of the actual Bad Batch was perfect, showing off their skills and proficiencies for those who may not have watched Season 7 of the Clone Wars (thought they'd have to be stupid not to) all the while not making it seem like it was a 'Hur dur look at these dudes'.
I love the fact that they're tying everything in here, Kenobi on Utapau, the explanation as to why Kanan doesn't die during Order 66, and then Styles moving away from his General to hear the order 66 call. Then the words that she said to him mentioned in Rebels "Run". How fucking devastating.
Then he's distrusting of the Bad Batch because Clones just attacked his Master and they're Clones after all. I knew that they wouldn't be effected by it, but I love how fast they are to ignore order 66 and figure out what the fuck is actually happening to protect Kanan. Except Crosshair, who seems to be the most 'normal' of the Bad Batch who's inhibitor chip is actually taking hold of him and causing him to act out of wack. It'll be a good way to cause conflict between the Bad Batch when Crosshair and/or the others decide that the Jedi deserve to die and Hunter obviously wants to get to the bottom of it.
It would make sense that Hunter overrides his inhibitor chip due to his 'genetic mutation' being the fact that he can tap in to electromagnetic frequencies which could fuck with his inhibitor chip, if he has one at all. Hunter being the homie and letting Kanan get away by saying he was killed as he jumped across. This is already so intense and we're barely 10 minutes into the first episode, goddamn bro. You can even hear the monotonous tone from him almost when he talks. "Good soldiers follow orders." etc.
I'm not certain as to what Jedi they had on the table, it wasn't Shaak Ti, that's not her lightsaber. That moment between the Shock Trooper and Hunter was intense as fuck, I thought they were about to go at it right there.
The arguing and fighting between the Bad Batch in their bunks going back and forth trying to figure out what the fuck is actually happening. Even the quick cut to Crosshair when Tech says "I can't be sure if we are immune to the programming 100%" or whatever he said was perfect, just like I said before, he's different but he's still feeling the effects of the chip.
Yoooo there's no way this motherfucker is actually a female Clone, we knew it'd happen eventually, at least its in the Bad Batch so she can feel 'at home' with some of the other Clones since they've all got defects as well. Her kiwi accent is fire as fuck, a little bit more intense than the rest and the Dee Bradley Baker voice.
Sheeeeesh, Admiral Tarkin with the DRIP on God. Then he hits him with the correction "Emperor Palpatine". There it is, the talk about no longer needing the Clones.
Hmm, seems that the inhibitor chip even causes them to agree with calls from most of their higher ups, I mean they're talking about no more Clones and that dude goes "Good, time they trim the fat." Like damn bro, they're genociding you and the homies.
I'm convinced Wrecker, I like to blow things up too buddy. <3
There it is, the beginning of the divide (as far as we can tell so far) between regular Clones and the Bad Batch, I'm not certain if this was happening prior to Order 66, but its definitely causing a divide between them now that its a lot more obvious that the Bad Batch are different now that the rest of them really ARE acting like Clones of each other because of the enhanced effects of the inhibitor chips.
Damn, Echo's PTSD from his time under the knife of the Separatists and all the shit that's fucked him up. My poor dude, I hope he can eventually get over it.
Right, that "genetically defective clones" joke didn't hit at all. Sorry boss. It sucked, good attempt.
The music before that battle simulation was sick, the score was intense and something I'd never heard before in Star Wars.
I just wanna tkae this time to comment on Echo's outfit, his helmet is fucking awesomely unique in comparison to the rest of CF-99 and it still looks good. As well as his kama, he's the only one wearing a kama in all of the Bad Batch and its presumably a call back to the fact that he's an ARC trooper.
Are those Phase Zero Dark Troopers coming from the floor or are they similar to those droids that Thrawn fights in Rebels? Additionally, Tarkin's a fuckin dog, making them fight live fire weapons with training blasters. They still kicked some ass too.
Samesies Wrecker, fuck hand signals, no one needs any but the middle finger and the thumbs up.
Oooo, the sparks from the neck of that droid looked sick, the pink combined with the blue was awesome.
Tarkin all smiley like he wants to use CF99 against Rebels, fuck ass motherfucker, they gon smoke a shit load of your Imperials before the end of this. Hunter's bloody vibro knife is a beast, that shit cuts through metal with ease it looks like.
YOOOOOOOOOO THAT SHOT WAS SICK, Crosshair has done a lot of cool shit since we met him in the Clone Wars, but that's close to the coolest, shooting an electrified knife out of the sky into the head of a droid.
Tarkin trying to speak to the Bad Batch and make them think that they are like the Empire "unorthodox", I can't wait for them to turn on the Empire.
Someone needs to get me access to that armoury, I vibe with Wrecker on a spiritual level, except for the fact that he's a little slow in the head, poor fella.
I like how Omega doesn't reveal that she's a genetically defective clone as well, even though that CF-99 are probably the only Clones she'd ever fit in with. Its unfortunate for the kid.
I like that Wrecker refuses to believe he's programmed, most Clones wouldn't want to believe it. Call backs to Clone Wars with Rex saying shit like "We're not droids. We're not programmed."
Crosshair is fucked, he's going to need to get a slap on the head or some sort of shock to fuck his inhibitor chip up or I don't see him lasting very long in the series as apart of the Bad Batch.
Hmm, the rebels on Onderon again, we'll see a little more of Saw Gerrera. I like how Echo immediately knows who these people are since he was with Rex when they trained them to fight the Separatists. This might be the beginning of the Partisans / the Fireflies. I'm not certain if any of those characters we see are references to the Inferno Squad book and the characters we meet there (apart from Saw Gerrera obviously lol).
You can even see the programming coming out in Tech, immediately believing that Palpatine wasn't lying about being attacked and killing the Jedi in self defence. Hunter and Echo seem to be the two least under the effects of the inhibitor chips, hopefully they can knock some sense into the rest of them and even themselves.
Tarkin you motherfucker, sending droids to spy on your most valuable assets. 
Damn, Crosshair about to try and powerplay for Commander of CF99, what a dog, sending reports on his Commander and directly challenging his command. Reminds me of a few certain people on Garry's Mod (you know who you are on God).
There it is, the confirmation of the fact that Omega is a Clone as well, and now they want to go back to get her. I know a few people won't like the kid, but I don't mind the storyline and the loyalty they immediately have for her after they realise that she's one of them and they've only had each other to rely on since the beginning of the Clone Wars.
I just lowkey hope the droid gets destroyed, dude is annoying as fuck, I aint even gonna lie, I wish he was funny and I could enjoy his shitty jokes, but I just hate him. Damn, what the fuck, I didn't mean it, I was typing that as that Shock Trooper just blew the little dude away. F for the homie, now he's gone I miss him.
Even now their home just looks so hostile to them, darker colours, less comradery between their brothers, and of course the part where they got told to freeze by a shit load of Shock Troopers and then sent to the brig. Free da homies, they aint even do nothing wrong. #ACAB #BLM
Kind of troll from Tarkin and the Shock Troopers to leave Tech his glasses, surely they've got some special stuff in there.
There it is again from Crosshair "Good soldiers follow orders." He's able to disobey the chip, but its making him think he's in the right and the right thing to do is to blindly follow orders from his higher ups. As Omega says, he can't help it unfortunately, and now they're going to make it worse, God I hope he is able to overcome this shit and join the boys again instead of becoming a mindless drone.
I really like the way that they've got Tech set up, he's a "know all" but that's because of his mutation and the fact that he's just been absorbing information the entire Clone Wars and just doesn't forget nothing.
That's a good way to refer to Shock Troopers from now on boys "Hey Red." then immediately sock them in the mouth. Also seems we now know Omega's CT numbers, 0249, so that's good for all them lore nerds out there.
I didn't even notice it until now but Echo's helmet has a hole for his cybernetic implant, a nice touch that they could've glossed over by saying "It fits in the helmet" or something similar. Wrecker's got his Lula, and I'm glad he gets it back later from Omega.
The music here is killer, and Crosshair's armour, is that early Shadow Trooper gear or something? Its devastating to watch these guys who have been friends for the entire Clone Wars face off, literally and metaphorically brothers being torn apart because of programming. 
Then Nala Su (I think) overriding the controls and helping them escape showing her loyalty, firstly, to the Clones she's worked so closely with all this time, but as well as Omega, her surrogate daughter it almost seems.
The removal of the red from Crosshair's uniform is firstly a terrible design change, red and black looked fire. But I suppose is symbolises him losing his uniqueness in a sense and moving away from CF99 now that he's not even able to make his own choices, he can just hit his shots.


I can not wait for Friday, honestly, I am more hyped than I've ever been for Star Wars, lets see some more Bad Batch action, and hopefully the return of Crosshair to his senses through a sharp kick to the fuckin head. This episode had plenty of good call backs and references to other Star Wars media as well as an obvious bad guy in Crosshair as well as a story arc for the Bad Batch to hopefully follow. Crosshair's armour looks fucking awesome, the green tinted visor referencing perhaps an early Death Trooper or Shadow Trooper prototype? Perhaps Crosshair will lead a squad of Death / Shadow Troopers later in the episodes.

Very epic, now I must find out what is in J-19. (After a quick google I found that they're going to Salucemai to meet with Cut Lawquane the deserter Clone we met with his kids on the farm.)


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I love this series and I love Wreckers Little Bunny I swear to God I will Kill 100 fucking people if any thing happens to it. 


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Okay. That was pretty fucking epic. The first 10 minutes, the Clone Wars style intro with good old Tom Kane... man, this is already gonna be some top tier shit I know.

Loving the dark theme that the show is so far progressing with. The lighting, the way the Clones are behaving... We never saw much of them post-Order 66 but now we've gotten even more insight into how it's affecting them. They're not low-key, chill Clones who always like to joke around anymore. They're dark, like something's been twisted inside of them. Obviously it has but like, damn...

Also, CALEB FUCKING DUNE! I never really got into Rebels but it's pog AF to see the continuity with Kanan's origin story along with his former master.

I also love how Order 66 doesn't effect TF-99. I almost expected that it would, and there'd be some other plotline that would subsequently explain some of the scenes we saw in the trailer. Like maybe they complied with 66 but when they met Rex/Saw Gerrara they somehow managed to change their minds or summat, I dunno. Either way, cool to see that they don't actively know what Order 66 is. Except of course for Crosshair. Poor guy, he was pretty dope. Shame he had to be forced like that. Was kinda hoping he'd try to resist just before they amplified his chip, but nope. Man really did have it out for Hunter after his choices post-order.

It's intriguing to see the reaction of the Kaminoans in regards to the Empire questioning the necessity of the Clones, now that the war is over. It's been stated several times in TCW show that Clones are specifically bred to be superior to droids, but now that the Clone Wars is over they won't be able to be as efficient. It makes sense, as a technicality. But it's cool to see them on the fence about the whole operation... Even though they were secretly in league with Darth Tyrannus and they knew all about the inhibitor chip, now that it's come full circle it's kind of come to bite them in the ass. It just goes to prove how spiteful the Sith really are, and they really will do anything to conquer any and all that they desire with no regard for their subordinates - even their own masters, from an apprentice's point of view.

Pog that the first episode was over an hour longCan we just stop to appreciate the fact that the last feature-length Clone Wars 'film' was the actual movie itself - and that in and of itself was a Pilot episode. That was nearly 13 years ago now. I know this isn't strictly Clone Wars anymore, but still, it's a pretty big milestone. I'm curious to know if the other episodes will also be just as long.

Keen AF for Friday though. Bring on The Bad Batch.


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I don't have much to say other than, Crosshair looked like he was wearing deathtrooper armor towards the end.

awesome episode and I can't wait to continue watching the rest of the series

glad they had a new zealand actor on omega.


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Just the intro scene was sick. clone wars transformation into bad batch. and then to watch them wipe out a whole force of droids


Tarkin also a bitch


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5 hours ago, Mongo said:


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I don't have much to say other than, Crosshair looked like he was wearing deathtrooper armor towards the end.

awesome episode and I can't wait to continue watching the rest of the series

glad they had a new zealand actor on omega.



to be fair. he is "genetically mutated"


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2 hours ago, Yuri said:
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I haven't seen the episode, is it Pog or a Flop?





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