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Bug Report: Multiple F7 Quests Not Working


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Hello, Dev Team,

I am aware that this issue is known, however I hope you don't mind if I posted an actual bug report on the forums, such that normal users might be made aware of when XY & Z are fixed.

This is by no means a criticism to your work. You do a great job. We love you. We want to make love to you. But, if you don't mind, I'd like to document these bugs.


From personal experience, as well as the input from other users, I can confirm that the following F7 Quests are bugged.

#1: Levels

I, personally, was 2/3 since the last quest reset, where 50 would have turned me over to 3/3. I turned 50 the other day. No advancement.

I have spoke with several new players, and they are unable to complete the first milestone, as well.


#2. Secret Areas

I, personally, as well as multiple new users were unable to complete the first Secret Area quest. We know were it is. It doesn't tick.


#3. Bullseye Shooting Range

I, personally, have experienced this, as well as met at least 2 people that can confirm that the Shooting Range, where you have to hit X amount of bullseyes, does not register.

Stuff that I know works:

Event Kills
Event Participation
Imperial Arcade
Collection Mission
Delivery Missions

Stuff that I'm not sure about: (as they were 3/3 for me)

NPC Kills   (What can I say, I play a passive-RP character)

Dev team, thank you so much again for all your hard work.  I hope this information helps from a QA Tester perspective.


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Hey Grug,

Firstly, thank you heaps for these reports, they help make the Server a better place and shows the Dev Team what needs to be worked on. As of this moment I believe the Dev Team have commented a few times in the Community Discord about the quest system needing a complete reowkr ASAP. I'm no Dev anymore and I'm sure that they will eventually comment on this thread and explain what they've got planned for the future.

Thanks heaps,

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I completely understand, Sir. Again, I hope that this report is more of a "QA Report" than a complaint. I've spent many an hour dealing with bugs, myself. I'd rather know them, then not know them. The worst type of bug is the one you forget about because it was never documented.


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Can confirm NPC kills aren't tracking either

And things such as playtime and climbing have been reported by some other ST's to not work either

( i am just adding it in for the list :) )

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I can personally verify the following, formally broken, F7 Quests are working as intended:

  • Levels
  • Secret Areas
  • Firing Range

Things I cannot verify yet:

  • Imperial Arcade
  • Event Kills
  • NPC Kills
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