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Hey lol


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Hi my names Jozo or Pedro "Jozo" Hernandez

Never made one of these before in any other community so I might as well make one since this is probably the only server that I'll actively play on without leaving a month after.

Been playing since I was a child but I still sound like a child 2015 - 2021 mans is 18 turning 19 sounding like a 12 year old, like how does @Delta and @Boshi have deeper voices than me? Come on now bruh its just pain. On God I sound like a femboy

from New Zealand but no beef with you Australians cause y'all mad cool

I'm asian so like #stopasianhate I guess

I study Psychology and Law in Auckland University, so if anyone studies there come link up and lets grab a drink at shadows or something

I like basketball, music and spontaneous adventures. Basketball to compensate for my height, man is 5'11 on a good day with the Jordan 1 Mochas on. (Bought them for retail waited outside footlocker for them) 

I guess that's it see you on the server mostly afk doing Jakk but if you see me screaming and being a minge come say hi and ill prolly dome you in the head or something




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