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It is me Bibleman once again filling up general discussions. I have created a little project that I think all of IG can play a part in and enjoy. After watching many old gmod movies from 2012-2014 I came up with the idea of creating an old fashioned gmod film, a film using dozens of members from IG members. I have already organised the selected maps and mods. However, the script is still in development. But before I go ahead with finishing the project, I wanted to know if people would actually act in certain roles for the movie. I have listed the open roles below. I will include a discord link to a separate discord in which the  filming and organisation would take place, as well as an up to date role list of who's playing who. I hope this will be a fun little project we can all get behind. 





Main characters: 


^ This character will contain the POV of the main character, they would simply have to record each scene through their perspective. 

Detective 2:

Grieving Girlfriend: 

Main villain:

Side characters:

Policeman 1:

Policeman 2:

Underground leader:

Club worker:

3/4 x security guards. 

2x Criminal enforcers:

Bar tender:

Extra/ background characters x 10 ( The extra background characters can be used to fill other roles)


Support Roles: 

Editor:  ( Just splice the random clips together, nothing super fancy just pre basic) 

Set maker /1-3

^ I have chosen the maps that this film would use but a person that could help me design sets would be nice

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