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Entrypoint Directive

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Your Access has been Granted




Mission Briefing, Operation: Entrypoint

All intelligence listeners in the sector, this is LT-842 with a priority message from the IIO.
Admiral Touler has requested the Imperial Information Office to provide necessary resources in order to launch
a formal investigation towards an irregular transmission that attempted to break through his fleet's blockade.


The transmission was bounced across multiple locations and analysts from both the ISB and Imperial Intelligence
are finding it virtually impossible to trace to a concrete origin point. It contained what appears to be an entry point gateway
leading to an external database. However, it is secured by an encrypted 16-digit numeral access code. 


Alongside the gateway, intelligence analysts also located an anonymous note attached in the transmission.
We believe that the note is the key in discovering the access code. However, we are yet to make any progress.


Very minimal information is known about this operation. That's where you come in, listeners.
Operatives who prove to have played a crucial part in uncovering this mystery and advancing
the investigation towards the correct direction will be commended, decorated with
Imperial Military medals, as well as granted a bonus to their commissions.


The following is an access link into the server's encrypted entry point. 

[ Attempt Access ]


The following is a note found attached to the intercepted transmission.



// ####-####-####-#### //




Saw through the lies, a conspiracy
Didn’t mean to, it was his duty
Perished to the one he called a brother
The mission, the nightmares, they’re finally over

A soldier created from extreme ambition
Managed to avoid inhibition
Now out in the desert, with a couple of screws loose
Where two old allies would come to reintroduce

A pilot, shot down in a buggy disaster
Survived the crash with a polygamous master
They recovered and went to the misnomered point
At the end of the battle, he did not disappoint

A mind quickly turned around
Bore our flag high like a crown
Blinded to not see reason
All he sees now is their act of treason





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