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The Imperialists


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Internal Holonet Briefing Loading...


Briefing Begining …

Attention all personnel of the ISD Tartarus, within the next 5 days the 89th fleet has been chosen to assist in the final assault to wipe out the Imperialist scum that have taken hold of the Mid Rim. For those unacquainted with the Imperialists, you may find yourself at Liberty to view this document.

Within the past few days Military Intelligence has worked towards gathering intelligence on the locations and key command figures of the Imperialists. As such information on a data site has been provided to the fleet that roughly locate a datacenter where we'll be able to locate the Imperialist fleet. Once we have obtained that data, we'll be leading a join operation with the Admiralty on Coruscant to wipe out the Imperialist threat.

After we've wiped out their fleet, we'll be proceeding the next day to destroy the Imperialist remnants at Imperialist Leader Moff Alane Desyc's personal fortress... During this operation we'll be aiming to bring in Desyc in alive, so that he can stand trial for acting as the so called "Supreme Commander" of the Imperialists.


Key Dates for the Operations are as follows.

26th - 6:00 PM - The Imperialist Data Centre (Offship)

27th - 6:00 PM - The Imperialist Shipyards (Onship/Dupe)

28th - 6:00 PM - Grand Finale. (Campaign Comprised of One Onship and One Offship)


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