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The Return (?) of the Best Regiment : Coalition for Progress

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1 hour ago, PULSE said:

Ah shit you have a good memory :monkas:

I do regret not jumping aboard for it

I don’t forget BETRAYAL

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On 4/17/2021 at 6:44 PM, Jay Lamar said:

First things first:
Under Bailey we made some of the coolest shit that never got used on the server,
Coming up with the script for this video was one of the most fun things we did with our time.
Keeping with what Bailey said, we were stepped on quite alot during our time on the server. Always under pressure from our overseers, always having conflicts with ISB.

I do agree with this post that the CFP could work again however, I dont see it working when attached to ISB in anyway.
Sadly Bailey and myself could not bring the CFP to the level that everyone wanted it to be. Despite us spending countless hours and money on the regiment.
Best of luck to anyone who attempts to command this regiment, I hope to see it pumping out propaganda once more.


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CFP won't ever work if it doesn't have several active members. We had ideas, just not enough people who were dedicated to the role (or experienced) enough to pull it off. This is something we really tried (regrettably, not hard enough) to achieve but it's ultimately quite difficult for anyone.


The only way CFP could have been revived was a merger between itself and RegGov. But it's my understanding that a proposal like that was frowned upon by management, considering the first time it was proposed, by people outside of both regiments, was a shit show.

CFP as regiment on it's own is not sustainable long-term — no matter how hard you try.

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CFP is a regiment that requires a little bit of hand-in-hand with other regiments.

Mainly best to just don't fire upon us or aos us when we try to interview you or request pictures.

But whichever merger is best, if its best to add it with the Gov stuff or keep it Compnor centric, it won't hurt it either way imo.

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This has been proposed multiple times since CFP was removed and the answer has stayed the same for the most part

There are currently no plans to bring CFP back but it could potentially be looked at in the future if High Command submit a genuine proposal for it.

That being said, it is very unlikely to return anytime soon, if at all.

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