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Whats cookin?

If you don't remember me or know me, I played as a Flame Trooper in early 2020, my name in that was Scorch! I made it to WOII before evidently leaving due to the merge of all of the EVO Regs (Obviously no hard feelings to anyone, i loved all the EVO boys <3)

Long story short i took a whole year break until for some reason hopping on this server and buying Imperial droid. I played as a droid a few days before joining DT WHICH I AM IN STILL SO COME SAY HELLO. 

When i joined originally my name was hesitant but i decided to change it back to scorch and give my old FT charcter a mysterious end in Hesitant's lore WHICH YOU CAN READ HERE 


I record everything also, which i think everyone should do, imperial gaming brings some of the funniest or intense moments and it is great we are all a tight community! Im always down for a chat :)

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You posted this twice accidentally, I’ve gone ahead and hidden the other one.

Welcome back to the community.

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10 hours ago, JoeyHoppy said:

what you mean thats a big yikes :( 

I think he's referencing their removal.

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