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From Low-Life Criminal To Death Trooper - Hesitant's Backstory

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Hesitant, a young man roughly 6ft 3 inches tall. Though it is rare to see him without his helmet and armour on he is a scrawny boy with long black hair which is unkept. He looks physically drained and almost like a corpse. No one knows what he sounds like due to his oath of silence. he is currently a PFC in Death Troopers. Though he is yet to see much action in his new regiment, he has showed his proficiency with a sniper rifle, killing enemies from a far distance.



Born in a shabby motel on Level 1313 on Coruscant the small child quickly learnt how to deal with big game, taking down a figurehead of one of the teenage gangs roaming the streets at 10 years of age. Though this was a great feat it didn't satisfy him, he had now owned a gang in the area and also had a good hold on the (very poor) trade market there. Hesi finally came up with a plan, he would be the most proficient killer in the Empire, he had to get their attention first though.

Hesi and his gang travelled up the levels of Coruscant eventually making it to Level 3125. A feat no one thought was possible. He felt like a mastermind, like he finally made it yet, he was still not satisfied. After many sleepless nights, he was given news that his right-hand man had been imprisoned in that levels weakly guarded prison. He sprung to action, quickly ordering his men to stock up on blasters and vibro-swords. When the day to raid the prison came they entered with force, It was a blood bath. The underpaid, undergeared and unprepared Coruscant Police didn't stand a chance, only taking out a few of Hesi's men. They knew back-up would be coming though so they had planned a distraction. Hesi's best men would change into the Police's uniform as it completely hides their face and body, they would lie on the floor as if they were dead and awaited the back up to arrive before launching a sneak attack.

Hesi and the rest of his lackeys began to hack into the Brig's main doors, after half an hour of trying to crack the code they finally got it. As the door opened they saw suits of armour they had only heard stories about. Shiny white armour with helmets that almost resemble a skull. Hesi didn't know what to do, he froze for a moment, quickly counting the number of troopers were in the room. 10. Hesitant, not knowing the sheer power the Empires troops had, ordered his men to fire upon them. The teen ducked behind cover, frozen in place thinking of the stories he had heard. "Storm Troopers" He muttered to himself repeatedly, his voice shaking. Finally he took a peak around the corner to see that the 20 of his men had been either wounded or pinned down, he was out of options. Hesitant gripped his pistol before putting it up to his head, he wasn't going to be tortured and taken prisoner, he didn't know hwat information that had on him or what was in store for him.

Suddenly a bullet flew by his head, almost throwing him directly back into the action. He snapped his head around and pointed it at a Storm Trooper, He let off a shot that went straight through the helmet of whatever it was, droid or human. He realised they were not guarding the door, he grabbed a grenade off of one of his fallen comrades and launched it towards the area they were standing. While they were distracted he darted out the door and locked it behind him.

Entering the room where his other men were laying he saw a man in an officer suit stand there. Hesitant stood there confused *hesitating*. He looked to see if the men were still alive, which it had seemed they were. "Get up! Fight!" He yelled at them but they remained on the floor. Seemingly out of nowhere 5 men appeared from thin air (cloaked), each one standing over his men. They hadn't been shot, their necks had been snapped. As he realised that all his men were just murdered all in one go he accepted defeat and dropped to his knees, his pistol landing next to him. "Kill me..." Hesitant said weakly, almost begging the man in the uniform. "We have heard of your exploits REAL NAME OF HESITANT  and we believe we may have a use for you." The man said coldy before taking a step towards Hesitant. "You have showed a set of skills rare to see in someone so youthful. I would personally like you to join the Empire. Or you will die" He added, drawing his blaster pistol out, pointing it at Hesitant.

6 Months Pass

After being a recruit for 6 months he had shown that he was a much faster learner and much for combat ready then the others in his squad, thouhg he was far from finishing his training.

Becoming A Storm Trooper

Though his situation was forced upon him he found the Empire more of a home than he had ever dreamed, compared to level 1313 he grew up on the base he was situated at had beds, food, water, ammunition and most importantly; electricity. Though he was only a Storm Trooper a short time he had seen action ten times more than when he was just a low-life criminal.

One casual day on base, a cargo ship arrived to bring them supplies, though there was an issue. The supplies were delivered the day prior. Hesitant remained at his post as two of his buddies went to check the ship, though he couldn't see where they had went, he assumed they were in the ship. Suddenly a loud explosion sounded from outside the bases walls and rebels came pouring out. Without hesitation he equipt his blaster and began mowing them down, though there were too many, he wasnt sure how this many rebels could fit on one ship until he glances out the gates of the base. 3 cargo vehicles and an Imperial Tank that had be stolen were rolling in, this was a full frontal assault and the Base was severely outnumbered. Being one of the more trusted Troops, Hesitant ordered most of the men to fall back into their designated defensive positions. He managed to hold them back for quite some time before begining to get overwhelmed, a blaster bullet burning a part of him helmet. He ducked into the main part of the base and closes the door, now they were locked in the hangar but for how long? they had a tank to blow down the door. 

Quickly Hesitant took charge, ordering the remaining troops to evacuate, this base was lost the moment the flight commands for the shipment were confirmed. As all the Troops fled to the other side of the base to the other hangar, Hesitant and a few veteran troops remained in the open area they were in. Finally the rebels blasted down the door and the Storm Troopers sent a volley of grenades towards the door, esencially trying to keep them in the bottleneck for as long as possible. They managed to kill around 50 or so Rebels before having to fall back aswell. Hesitant requested they left him a speeder behind before darting off in the otehr direction.

Since there was no security or officers, it was mainly just Storm Troopers on this base, that meant he could freely go into the reactor. Using his street knowledge, Hesitant made a makeshift time bomb with the rest of his equiptment. He set it down slowly and carefully, leaving the reactor room, in the time it took him to make the bomb the Rebels basically had control of the entire base and were patrolling the ship on high alert but they didn't know the base as well as Hesitant did.

Hesitant slithered from cover to cover, avoiding the rebels, knowing it was stupid to engage. Finally he reached a maintanance acces which he visited quite frequently on his time at the base, he slipped in and began crawling through the vents, peaking through the cracks seeing an entire brigade had arrived. Reaching the side hangar he sees his speeder, though there are rebels surounding the area. Hesitant, who had been counting the seconds before the bomb would explode, knew he couldn't engage now or he would be taken down with the base. He threw his pistol, the only remaining weapon he had in a corner as he jumped out of the vent onto a distracted rebel. This was enough to get him to the speed and narrowly escape the gunfire on the way out of the base. 3. 2. 1. A quiet bang with an almost instantaneous ear shattering explosion followed it, the base began to crumble as Hesitant looked back, only a handful of rebels escaping from the side he had also left from.


Months Later

Weeks if not months had passed, Hesitant was no longer wearing a his armour, his hair messy from not being brushed, his skin covered in mud. He had no way of contacting the Empire to help him. He had been living off the rats and other wildlife that inhabited this planet. He managed to find a small town which he could only assume was cleared out by the Empire when they began constructuin on the base he had just blown up. Hesitant had to use everything he learnt from his childhood to survive, he had become lazy after being gave everything in the Empire, it took him a while to adjust. He had managed to remain incognito for quite some time now, the rebels beginning to believe he had died in the wilderness. He finally saw an opportunity to strike though. Another cargo ship will leave this planet to most likely go take another base. He was going to sneak on and take control of it after it had left orbit. He didn't really have any idea how to pilot a ship, infact none at all but it was his only chance.

Hesitant waded through the mud that was up to his hips, gripping a battered rebel blaster he had repaired. They were completely unaware he was still alive. He managed to get inside their walls easily enough, they were lazy and didnt cover the entirety if the walls with men. He then snuck over to the boxes of ammunition and found one yet to be filled with anything, he slid it over to where the full ones where placed and hopped in, closing the top of it. After hours of almost holding his breath he was loaded onto the ship and it took off.

The time to attack was now, he slowly took off the lid to the container he was in and looked around. He got out and made his way towards the cockpit. There weren't many men which had him relieved. Once he reached the cockpit, he crouched down near the entrance and waited for someone to open the door. Moments after, someone opened the door and without hesitation he opened fire on the rebel, running into the cockpit. It was a small space and provided a lot of cover, a good place to hold out against the remaining men on the ship. He made sure the room was clear before taking cover behind the entrance and the remainder of the rebels came in. They were no where near as skilled as Hesitant as he almost blew every single one of their heads off with precise accuracy. "That was easier than i thought.." He muttered, it sounded like he had lost his voice and had caught a flu.

Being Found

After eating through the minimal rations they had and running on barely any water, Hesitant began to lose hope. All of this was for nothing, he was going to die on a Cargo Ship in the middle of nowhere... Everything is fading to black.. The flue has gotten so bad his left eye cant open from the crusty mucus around it, he fell unconcious.

"Hello, please identify yourself or we will board your ship forcefully!" A static voice echoed, even the cargo ship had almost shut down at this point. Hesitant couldn't tell if he was concious or not, he hear the doors of the cargo ship get ripped open adn men yelling and walking. The steps got closer until finally he felt warm, he couldn't open his eyes or move, but he felt warm, safe. 

Hesitant awoke briefly in a bacta tank, not being able to see much due to the bacta blocking his vision similar to water. He later awoke again in a bed with a man in an officer uniform similar to the one from his past. "You have been dead for 6 months, or thats what the record say at least. Why were you with rebels? Why didnt you contact us?" The man demanded answers. "I blew up the base, it had been taken over by rebels. I had no way to contact you so I waited until a cargo ship was leaving the new base the rebels had began constructing." Hesitant said quietly, the bacta healed his physical state but not his mental. He had lost every person he knew, not even just the ones held dear to him, even if they were just acquainted, they were dead. After explaining his situation a Trooper wearing black walked in, they were tall, and had green lights on their helmet. "We would like to offer you a position as a Death Trooper, you have surprised us with the way you survived in the wilderness for those months, not to mention killing countless rebels."

Death Troopers

After succesfully completing the Death Trooper tryouts he had been transfered to the ISD Chimera to work with the Death Troopers on that ship.

The Attack On Lothal & The Death Of Thrawn

Landing on Lothal the DT continued to do their duties, Hesitant earned the rank Private First Class the night of them landing and proceeded to do his job. Everything was going as planned, besides the few rebel attacks on the base which was to be expected. But on the third day a large fleet on rebels came and attacked the base as well as the Chimera, which Thrawn was commanding, there has been no trace of the people that had remained on the ship when everyone was on planet. All the troopers rushed to set up defences to hold them back but it was in vain. The rebels managed to overcome the garisson situated on the Lothal base and only a few troops managing to escape on Lambdas. After landing at a small village on the outskirts of Lothal, Hesitant walked into a building, finding armour that had been riddled with blaster burns. He picked up the helmet and recognised it as the old Flame Trooper's armour. Hesitant noted down the serial number on the armour as they left to stay on a venator for some time. After arriving and getting some free time for himself, he searched up the serial number, finding it was owned by WOII FT-03 'Scorch' of The Flame Trooper Regiment. Having a strong connection to this for an unknown reason, he asked permission to change his nickname to the monicker, which many had known that were on the ship. Hesitant's new name was Scorch.

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