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Donator Channel Slim Down


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Hey IG,

You may have noticed something along the lines of "YOU HAVE 7 DAYS TO REMOVE THIS OR YOUR CHANNEL WILL BE DELETED" at the top of your private donator channel, that is because, much like some time last year I want to slim down the amount of donator channels we have on the teamspeak. In order to keep your channel, it is as simple as loading into the Teamspeak and removing said notice from your channel, I will only be putting these notices in parent channels (so all you sub-channel randies are safe).

If the notice hasn't been removed by the 2nd of April the channel will be deleted. Some have already been deleted due to the fact that they're not being used. There was many I was unsure about so I've made this post.

Thanks much everyone, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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