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Juggernaut Fists - Weapon Suggestion

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Juggernaut Fists – Custom Imperial Arts Weapon


| Damage Statistics:

| Simple Frontside Hit  - 14 Damage / Standard Knockback & Hinderance

| Charged Frontside Hit - 22 Damage / Increased Knockback & Hinderance

| Simple Backside Hit - 18 Damage / Decreased Knockback & Hinderance

| Charged Frontside Hit - 28 Damage / Standard Knockback & Hinderance

| (I have no clue if the knockback could adjust depending on the charge)


| Effect Statistics:

| Knockback – Moves the victim back a fair distance after being struck

| Hinderance – Slows the victim after being struck (RP Reason: As if they hit by a large attacker or strong character and the victim needs to recover/recuperate)

| (I have no clue if hinderance is a possible thing, but it would act the same as the “Broken Legs”)


| Access:

| Event Character Juggernauts – Heavies – Wookiees – Battle Droids

| Heavy Role

| Ninth Sister - Fifth Brother

| Darth Vader – (if he could be bothered to)

| Death Troopers

| High Tier Massiffs

| [STC-/] 1071 “Jugger”


| Bludgeon Ability – Causes the victim to be stunned for a longer time / tying in with the hinderance

| (R Button)


| Block Ability – Causes the attacker to take some return damage (2) when the user is stunned (Clarify: Does not stun the attacker)

| (M2 Button)


This can be adjusted to fit the flow of the server.

@HenDoge "\/(0-0)\/"

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