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[A\\A] Backstories - Draft #2

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If you have not seen the original post you can go and check it out (I will put it at the top for chronological order)

There are still more instalments of these story but they do take some time. 

-- Previous Information --



-- Story Line --



‘The ********** ********’

--5 Youth Civilians--


21 BBY – 3256 LY:

Human; Youth Civilians were located by a squad of 212th Recon Division Infantry Troopers during the second battle of Geonosis, with a high ranking navy officer, Wullf Yularen being a part of the command against the soon to be biggest droid factory that arrived on Geonosis. The youth civilians were then taken to a Galactic Republic outpost where they were given a standard education. The youths not yet able to be emitted into a battalion due to the unknown formation of the Galactic Empire.

19 BBY – 3258 LY:

The youths had finished their education close to the end of the Clone Wars, gaining knowledge about what was occurring during the war, along with knowledge of the Jedi being powerful wizards. With the formation of the new Galactic Empire after the downfall of the Republic, the youths had somewhat matured, making them eligible to be enlisted into the Imperial Academy where they would soon be moved into a storm trooper battalion.

18 BBY - 3259:

After reaching the ranks of private, they adopted designations of 1070-1090 in the Storm Trooper Detachment due to being a part of the 07 and 08 battalions. The troopers were later given alias’ overtimes by their higherups.

-- Unit Names --


Jugger being given to 71 due to his fondness of larger fire power weaponry and preference of getting in close quarter combat with his opponents.


Urban being given to 72 whilst still young and immature, 72 had the ability to maintain a cool head while in a combat situation and his extensive knowledge for technology, this is because from a young age 72 used his knowledge to always have an upper hand, this was either in the academy or the protection of the rest of A\\A.


Marx being given to 73 due to *** ability to be proficient in use of any range of sniper rifle and level of patience *** had built up to hunt *** targets, from having to deal with the antics of the others.


Glosko being given to 81 due to it being the name of the first town he was sent to on a solo recon mission, obviously coming out successful, this skill stemmed from the requirement of him having to hide more frequently due to him being an adrenaline junky.


Zooka being given to 82 due to his fondness and an over-use of a Z2 Rotary Cannon that he had stored from the fall of the Republic Empire, the use of his rotary cannon came along as compensation for something else in his life, because he has a small ego

-- Negatives of Characters --


Urban & Jugger both suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D), this is a result of having to watch the most of their battalion have their lives taken from them on security camera footage.


Jugger hallucinates high ranking officers and sometimes naval members in Storm Trooper armour, this is a result of his trauma, Jugger having turned to recreational drugs and an amount of medicine unprescribed to him.


Urban hallucinates friends and officers that have been killed in action.


Glosko has a hatred/fear of Gonk droids, because during his youth, Urban had modified a gonk droid that came off of the manufacturing line on Geonosis. It was unknown at the time that the gonk droid was initially programmed to look for civilians and make a loud and repetitive sound to alert the battle droids to the location.



-- Updated Information --

- Unit Names -


Jugger being given to 71 due to his strong offense and defence, dealing large amounts of damage from close quarter combat or from far range, what he somewhat lacks in the intelligence division, he picks up for in the strength department. Being able to tank a fair bit of damage without it phasing him, until obviously he falls over unconscious.

- Negatives of Characters - (Added as an element of backstory)


All that is known about 1073 is [-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------].

-- New Information --

- New Characters in Battalion -


1070 Unit - New Characters



1074 “Cole” – Good Leader, Consistent - God & Superiority complex

1075 “Adan” – Callous, Independent

1076 “Leech” – Dependant on higherups – Inaptitude

1077 “J.J.” – John / Reliable Man – Trust Issues 

1078 “Anodyne” – Neutral, Attempted to abandon the Empire – Indecisive [TERMINATED]

1079 “Sprog” – Much Younger / Immature - FOMO


1080 Unit - New Characters


1083 “*” – Known as ‘Poison’ or the ‘Scorpion’

1084 “Eve” – Gullible, Naïve – Cinderella Complex [Turned to the Republic]

1085 “Serpent” - Strategist, Over-protective – Hero Complex [Republic Spy]

1086 “Cable” – Rock-climber [TERMINATED]

1087 “Neon” – Lucky, Liar, Light-footed & light-weight – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

1088 “Chef” - Paints in enemy’s blood, Psychopath - Stutter

1089 “Pane” – Cloaked Unit / Shadow Division - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


-- 1070 Unit - Character Specifics --




-- 1071 - Solo Story --


Originally born on Coruscant, not so soon after becoming a stowaway alongside 1072, 1073, 1081 and 1082, on a ship through the “Corellian Run” trade route, because of the increasing amount of crime and battles between the force users.


14 Years of Age – 23 BBY / 1 Years before the 1st Battle of Geonosis.

After being located during a ship inspection in the outer portion of the Arkanis Sector close to the planet Ryloth. The youths were then relocated to Geonosis because Urban did not yet know how to correctly hotwire a farkling drop pod and thought pulling out the wires one by one would help.

After having another “happy landing.” The youths soon found sustenance in the orray and spider eggs, orrays being large beasts typically 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide, basically a hybrid between a horse and an alligator. The Orray were a good source of food due to them being mass bred by the Geonosians for their picadors or wranglers.

Highlights of Geonosis: - Missions, Memories, etc


15 Years of Age – 22 BBY / 1 Years before the 2nd Battle of Geonosis.

71 was the self-elected leader in charge of this infiltration mission, that the group had called “Project – Steal Things,“ the name was a work in progress but that doesn’t matter. The plan was simple, they were going to search for a stash of food in the catacombs of Geonosis during Meckgin, a festival where the Geonosians got drunk off of the fungi, that was growing on the planet, as a celebration of industry. Days prior to this plan being formed the group had located a hole in the side of a mountain that revealed a small portion of the catacombs, seeing the undead Geonosians inside the group believed it was some sort of covert base. Obviously, this mission wasn’t going to work due to the Catacombs of Geonosis covering the underground of Geonosia and was also extremely dark. The group continued to the entrance and upon the first strike on the crack in the mountain with a hand-made shovel, a pile of pebbles landed on the heads of unconscious Geonosians        .

The following events will be represented in a written audit log from the group.

Don’t stop running!– 71

I didn’t plan to-– 81-where is 73?!

-  73 did not give a recount of the events that unfolded

It was unclear but 73 had said something along the lines of

“They are unconscious, they didn’t even flinch”

-  72 did not go along with the group because he was attempting to modify a gonk droid that had come off of a cargo ship during the 1st Battle.

This was not the first or the last interaction with the Geonosians.



15 Years of Age – 22 BBY / 1 Years before the 2nd Battle of Geonosis.

At some point during 22 BBY, 71 had found himself face to face with a massiff, during a scavenging run. Unaware of what the beast was, due to it being an immigrated species from Tatooine. Believing it was going to attack him, 71 crouched down preparing for an incoming charge from the beast. The massiff that was previously snarling and baring its teeth, ceased and slowly began approaching 71, believing he was friendly. 71 assumed that the massiff was most likely hungry and offered it some natural fungi. The massiff soon looked drowsy and collapsed on the hot clay and sand, 71 thought about waking the beast but realising it may attack him if he does so, instead he constructed a makeshift shelter for the massiff and waited until it woke up. Dusk swiftly turned into dawn and 71 had tamed the massiff during the night after the beast regained consciousness.

This would be the start of 71’s journey in becoming a member of the 104th Wolfpack Company during the early Galactic Empire era.


14 Years of Age – 23 BBY / 2 Years before the 2nd Battle of Geonosis.

The group had many run ins with the Reek species, due to the Reek being very powerful and territorial mammals, but over the time that had spent dealing with them, 73 had figured out that running around the Reek and staying on the side of them will result in them being unable to hit their foe. With this discovery the group continued to use this tactic, to take down the smaller of the species. When it comes to the matured Reek, especially when they haven’t eaten, that is a very different story, which 72 found out quite fast, he attempted to run around the Reek but when he was directly behind it, he was punted backwards into the wet clay.


16 Years of Age – 21 BBY / During the 2nd Battle of Geonosis.

“In the first war on the planet, we had hid in a carved out part of the ground, to avoid being spotted. The second time around we decided to sit back and watch, inside a bunker of course, we saw an onslaught of jedi, I think we counted almost 190 of them.”


Thank you for reading. If you didn't read the post - eh thank you anyway for clicking.

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