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Seaelay's Tier 1 PAC3 Application



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Steam Name:
[IG] Ando


Steam Profile Link:

In Game Name:
Senior Lieutenant Gideon Hask

Time Played Imperial RP:
3 Weeks & 1 Day (After server wipe) - About 2 and a half weeks before that

Time Played Imperial RP Evidence

Have you used PAC3 Before?


Why should you be trusted with PAC3?

Throughout my time as an Event Manager and as a user of its PAC privileges, I believe I have proven myself to be a responsible and trustworthy user of its applications in an effort to improve RP for both myself and others both during and outside of events. I believe I should be trusted with PAC as I am an extremely responsible member of the server and the EM team who wishes only to push enjoyable RP experiences for those around me.

Why do you want access to PAC3?
I wish to have access to PAC3 as a tool to fully develop and embelish my characters and associated RP. PAC3 has become one of the most prominent tools I use throughout my time on the server, using it to not only increase the RP around me but to also create more immersive events. With the knowledge and capabilities of using Blender to create and edit models and materials for use in Gmod, primarily for use in PAC3, and finding PAC3 to be such an essential tool for creating RP, it is my full intention to continue developing my PAC3 skills in order to apply for the priviledge of Tier 2 PAC (as opposed to earning it through the Event Master team) so that I can again use its feature to further increase the RP and immersion of myself and others on the server and assist in creating more enjoyable and immersive events for all.

Why do you believe you deserve PAC3?
Having spent vast amounts of time in both single player and on the server testing and modifying PACs for myself and others, I believe that I am a capable user of PAC3 and its capabilites for creating immersive RP experiences. I feel that throughout my time on the server I have shown others that I am a trustworthy and dedicated indiviudal who strives to create fun and engaging encounters for those around me. I understand the PAC3 is not just a tool to make your own character and experiences better but is instead an effective conduit through which enhanced roleplay can take place for all.

PAC3 Example 1: E.V.A Suit (Extra-Vehicular Activty)

This PAC was created during my time as an ISC Pilot and a part of Tarkins Initiative. Whilst simple, it made use of an imported model and texture (for the helmet) and an adjusted Inferno Pilot model with rudimentry bone manipulation. For RP purposes, it was to be used beyond the confines of the ISD Chimaera when it was in the expanse of open space.




PAC3 Example 2: Seyn Marana

This PAC was created due to there being no official Seyn Marana model on the server. The PAC makes use of simple bone manipuation to preserve the head of a Sci-Fi citizen model and bonemerge it with the player entity to create something for players to see and identify instead of the Iden Versio model the role actually uses. The PAC also uses a "weapon_class" event that removes the TL-50 model from the players back when the weapon is equipped.




PAC3 Example 3: NOVA Outcast

This PAC was created for the sole purpose of an event that has not yet come to fruition. For RP purposes, this PAC was to be used to roleplay as a deserted NOVA Trooper that was finally reuniting with Imperial forces after an unspecfied ammount of time, having survived less than desirable events (hence the robotic arm and large cloth). Using the HK-47 model and bone manipulation to create the robotic arm aesthetic and importing models and textures for the helmet visor and cloth.



PAC3 Example 4: Tank Trooper Commander

This PAC was created for Angus when he was the Tank Squadron Leader earlier in 2020. The PAC was made using various imported models and textures (namely the shoulder pads, grenades and waist satchel) + a kama from a Purge Trooper model hidden by bone manipulation.


PAC3 Example 5: Gideon Hask

This PAC contains no additions or flurrishes to the model due to the inherent difficulty of using PAC3 with lore characters. However, the PAC does contain 3 pac_events using console command bindings. These pac_events serve no other purpose but to increase the immersion and RP experiences of those around me.




PAC3 Example 6: Nexu Ace

This PAC was a work in progress from my time in ISC. Initially having more details, I have culled most of the additions due to them being too obtrusive or out of place as a pilot. The current PAC consists of an edited/custom material for the helmet (with the original bump map used), plus a submaterial for the lenses, and a typing event (using bone manipulation + server models) revealing a holo-communication on the wrist.


PAC3 Example 7 : ISB Officer (Current PAC)

In an attempt to create a unique individual of which was easily distinguishable from other users, this PAC was born. Currently the PAC consists of:

- an entity hidden via submaterials (this way the entity is not hidden from users using the zoom/scope on weapons, ect.)

- a bone merged ISB model with submaterialed eyes (one brown, one blue/grey) and a rank plaque bodygroup

- imported facial hair model with custom texture and a bump map

- two weapon_class events tied to the two 'arms cross' sweps using bone manipulation (because bonemerged models refuse to do the swep animations)

- RK3 weapon_class event that has the weapon model on the officers back appear/dissapear upon unequipping/equipping


PAC3 Example 8: 6-2Aug2 Hunting Rifle (Custom Weapon)

A simple weapon pac using an imported model from the workshop (in the form of an .obj file) + fixed/edited texture & bumpmap for the model. The pac uses several additional models to supplement the pac (holographic 'scope', barrel vents and a muzzle) + two weapon_class events linked to the IQA sniper for equipping/unequipping the weapon.



PAC3 Example 9: Inquisitors & Lightsabers

This is a combo example showcasing two relatively simple inquisitor pacs and some lightsaber models from SWTOR w/ halo'd crystals for effects.

- Inquisitor A: Miraluka - some bone manipulations & flicker submaterials to hid the original head, likewise to hide the body of the additional model, + an imported bandana from the workshop with a material from the server.

- Inquisitor B: Gormak - bone manipulation (position offsets and sizing), flicker submaterials to hide the entities head & and an imported alien head + materials ripped from SWTOR.



Terms & Conditions

Edited by Seaelay
Added another two examples..
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Sealay is a great individual who i didn't really get to know until I joined compnor. He is a dedicated member of the community as he consistently runs extensive events for others. He takes his role as Gideon Hask and is always respecting others. As far as it comes to with pac, he has tier 1 stuff down. Events, Bone merge, model imports. Plus he already has access in game. +1 good luck 

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Absolutely a good lad to give PAC to, examples given are well done and unique (from what I see) and he is a current Event Master (a good one at that) and can be trusted with such tools given. Would absolutely spruce up scenarios with having PAC more formally.



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On 3/10/2021 at 2:49 PM, Cammers said:

Absolutely a good lad to give PAC to, examples given are well done and unique (from what I see) and he is a current Event Master (a good one at that) and can be trusted with such tools given. Would absolutely spruce up scenarios with having PAC more formally.



+1 To this as well, he has a very good understanding of PAC. :)

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  • Seaelay changed the title to Seaelay's Tier 1 PAC3 Application
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Very active
Pretty chill
He has made some pretty good examples
EM already so he can be trusted to use the next tier wisely
Would also make his and other events a bit better within the RP experience

Good Luck!

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