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Ret'urcye mhi, friends of IG


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I find myself writing another goodbye. I have done this before and returned after I finished my Year 12 exams. However, this one is much, much more long term. I am beginning university this year and am moving interstate to attend. I will be unable to bring my Gaming PC and that's probably for the best anyway. This server has a pull that time and time again I found myself unable to escape from. Whether it's the sub-par RP, quirky community and players, or just being able to blast rebels in some obtuse power fantasy, I can't deny the pull the server has had on me and always brought me back. As I move off into the real world and my tertiary education, I look back at the years I've sunk into this server and the mates I've made, of which there are too many to list. Some would call it wasted time, better spent being productive, and they might be right. But personally, I regret nothing, any time I spent on the server with my mates is time well spent (so long as I didn't have assignments to do).

To the 501st that I've served with, past and present. Of the 3-4 regiments I've been in over my years, the 501st will always be my home. The community of the legion (Battalion) is unlike I've experienced. Being in discord and shooting the shit whilst playing are some of my fondest memories. I've met some people I can hope to truly call friends and hope to keep in contact with. I've dedicated so much of my time to Vader's Fist and the 501st and I hope it prospers long after I depart. 

I will try not to draw this out, but know the impact this server has had on me, and the memories I made here will be carried far into my future. Thank you all for having me. I will probably be on tonight one last time, so I might see you then. 

Ret'urcye mhi, best of luck. 

Your friend and friendly-neighbourhood Mandalorian. Mandor Teth. 

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Im going to miss you mate, The time iv gotten to be your CO  has been great and i will miss it, Not just being your Co but being a mate. I will miss seeing you around in discord and talking to you daily. Even though we didnt get off on the right foot and always nudged back and forth but we got on good terms and became decent mates, i wish you the best of luck at Uni and hope to speak soon!

-Craig xx

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Since I joined you've always been a great role model to me, and I very much appreciate all the time you put in to teaching me the ropes of leading. Aside from in-game stuff though, you were also someone I'd definitely call a mate, always super easy to talk to and friendly.

Good luck at Uni, and remember to hop back in discord to visit us!


- Clab

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