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What RP do you want to take part in? (What do you think?)

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This is just to see what people are looking for in the server, and if possible I am able to arrange the roleplay for some people.

For example, "I would like to take part in a mission with the inquisitors and be able to work along side them during their assignments for the future"

This can range from events/passive RP/regimental roleplay etc.

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i wanna fire the Deathstar laser and/or Develop more sophisticated weapons and Devices for the Empire
also being on a base and leading the Direction of it being setup would be kinda fun  

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Definitely along the lines of what Delta mentioned. Taking that extra step so to speak and working on all sorts of developments from small devices to large ships. Doing R&D and all that sort of stuff. Just finding the time to make that all work is a pain :P

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I want to see the Empire's gradual fall replicated as a series of long events on the server. 

From the destruction of Jedha City which served as the catalyst of the Rebellion's determination, to the Battle of Scarif which served as the Rebel Alliance's first major victory. 

The Battle of Yavin, the destruction of the first Death Star, a major loss for the Empire which incited citizens all through the galaxy to regain hope and stand against the Empire. 

The Battle of Hoth, a momentous, yet short-lived, victory by the Empire which acted as revenge towards the Rebels for destroying the Death Star and killing countless of personnel.

The Battle of Endor, the destruction of the second Death Star, the beginning of the New Republic's revolution to power and the death of the Emperor, and the vacuum of power for the Empire. 

Being set in a splintered remnant group of the Empire after the decisive defeat over Endor struggling against the New Republic and opposing Imperial warlords would be the ideal settings for a lot of interesting RP, in my opinion. 


Sure half of these probably will never, ever happen. But it's still pretty fun to imagine. 

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