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Binny's PAC3 Tier 2 Application


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  • Steam Name:
    [IG] Quinny
  • SteamID32:
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Current In-Character Alias
    Binnico (Binny)
  • Time Played
    9 Weeks Total
  • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence:
  • (The other 4 weeks gametime is on another screenshot, refer to previous app)
  • What have you learned about PAC since receiving Tier 1?
    Since receiving tier 1 almost 6 months ago, I've learnt and now feel extremely comfortable with a vast majority of the tier 1 tools. I've learnt a few things, but not limited to, Proxys, Jiggles, Importing Models, Exporting Models, creating custom textures, creating custom models in blender, event sequences and of course bump maps for those crazy sub materials I create. In my Tier 1 application, I had created a comp force model, in this PAC3 example I simply put another model over the top and just coloured it. Since then I've learnt to do the same thing, but using sub materials & bump maps. If you have seen some of my PAC3's over the past few months I use a lot of sub materials to make my player models unique and add some nice small additions to it. I've learnt how to use Blender & Crowbar to import custom models from other steam workshop packs. Through being taught by talented pac3 users, I've learnt to get even better with basic functions and more advanced tools. Mauler and other users have taught me how to export materials and use adobe photoshop to edit these and upload to drop box. These then go into game and look very clean with nice bumpmaps. In my application I will be explaining why I am held back by the restrictions.
  • Why do you deserve PAC3 Tier 1?
    I believe I deserve Tier 2 as I am an extremely active user, I actively use tier 1, I teach newer players the basics and help them progress with their Pac abilities & I would use Tier 2 functions to the best of my ability. I've been trusted with Event master tools before and have held Tier 1 for over 6 months, clearly showing that I wont break the rules or abuse the tools provided. Furthermore, I believe through my usage of Tier 1 & my experience with helping others with Tier 1 problems I can best represent the community with receiving Pac3 Tier 2.
  • What have you created with PAC since receiving Tier 1?:
    I always create pac's surrounding the regiment I'm apart of at the time. For example, whilst I was in Purge Troopers I created the different coloured purge trooper materials for myself and a few of my mates. I usually stick to quite simple pacs, rather than using models from other games such as halo and warhammer. Using tier 1 tools I've managed to work around Tier 2 tools such as jiggles, proxys and basic model importing. If granted Tier 2, Id be able to add these awesome additions to my pac3 whilst not wasting my time fiddling with small tools when I could use model2, particles and other tier 2 properties.
  • Example 1:
  • For this project I took inspiration from this image and wished to create it on the server. 
  • 374334645_pacexample.png.f59f2dee38a0f429ebaca83d2a066619.png
  • through submaterials and other methods I created this: 
  • 1174486918_Screenshot(146).png.5c3cc3d5bd8bd5656c60a4269dd2a003.png
  • Below is a video of it ingame.

  • Example 2:
  • This is my new and improved medical company pac 3. It utilizes particles to give the bacta injector a unique feel
  • 1632203892_Screenshot(156).png.b3804390fe3b203902986d30621e2eb5.png
  • Example 4:
  • These are my Varactyl Pac3's. The commando one was just a bit of a mess around, but I found a way to create custom colours on both the model and the staff. 
  • 410486328_Screenshot(74).png.330ebf111b1f99cf786336c2b9ad6103.png

Pac Example 5:

Purge Trooper





Pac Example 6:

Shock Example:


The Majority of my Tier 2 examples exist through Jiggles, Proxys and particles. 






Screenshot (30).png

Obviously I have a bit to work on, and I plan on making more pac 3 examples that incorporate different tools. These will be put in my weekly bumps. 

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  • Binny changed the title to Binny's PAC3 Tier 2 Application


By looking over your answers and your examples it's easy to see you're quite an extensive user of PAC3 and no there is no doubt in my mind that you do  deserve tier 2

However, i'd like to see some more examples newer and a bit more expanded more exploring new things and stuff you haven't done before. Sub-materialing takes time and effort that much is clear, as with the times i've made materials and given them love. There appears to be some reflective issues on your scout trooper one, i'd suggest looking into that, it appears almost like a missing texture when light is reflected over it.

Overall some more examples would be nice and straying away from stuff you're used to as the bulk of your examples show mostly tier 1 and submaterial at that.

also activate windows before I tear your god damn skull off.

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Extensive use of PAC3 both tier 1 and 2, could definitely see him do well with tier 2 and will only get better over time. He is a dedicated member of the community and i expect to see a lot more of him +1 good luck.

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2 hours ago, Sinatra said:

Activate windows you idiot +1

get back on the server you idiot

But fr, binny surely has proven himself worth of PAC tier 2, though his shock outfit is a bit too bright personally, everything else is pretty damn sweet.



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Huge +1 for this man. His PACs are sexy af and super pleasing to look at. I would like to see a few more Tier 2 examples, but I can see that you're willing to go up to Tier 2 and continue building on your experience. I'd be excited to see what you could bring to the server should you possess Tier 2.

Best of luck, lad.

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