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Event #4-6 - The Grysks' Secret [Campaign] - 20/02/2021 04:00PM AEST

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"The Grysks' Secret" will take place at 4:00 AEST, on Saturday the 20th of February, 2021
This will be a Campaign with three steps.


The ISD Chimaera hyperspaces to the Kurost Equipment Transfer Point. After attempting to kill some Grallocs, the ISD receives a distress signal from the freighter "Allanar", claiming their hyperdrive is being triggered by some grallocs in their power systems. We quickly find out that they are not the only freighter to suffer this fate.

After managing to follow the trajectory of the missing freighters, the we find the corpses of the dead crew aboard a derelict space station. Thrawn deduces along with Faro that through the food and oxygen records that twelve of the crew are missing but most importantly, that the alleged Gralloc attacks are being used to cover up the theft of stardust project supply ships. 


Reunion Amidst Battle
With the Chimaera returning to the Kurost transfer point, it is abruptly pulled from hyperspace by a Cloaked Grysk Gravity Well Cylinder. A Grysk Warship and Observation Post are then detected on our sensors, and the warship moves to engage the Chimaera. The Chimaera then disables the station's electronics with Ion Blasts, and prepare to board.

This is a mostly-choreographed naval battle, and will require certain events to occur to be lore friendly.

The Chiss Girl
The Imperials board the Grysks' ship. Shortly, Thrawn and Ar’alani discover a Seven-Year-Old Chiss Girl named Un’hee who survived the massacre. Complications arise, and the Imperials must act quickly to avoid destruction.

Uncovering a Conspiracy
It is noted that many ships have disappeared... some of which were carrying suspicious cargo. The plot begins to unfold, and Thrawn uses his quick wit to make the best of the situation.

Detailed Summary (Spoilers):


Reunion Amidst Battle (Rough Outline - it can be flexible)
With the Chimaera returning to the Kurost transfer point, it is abruptly pulled from hyperspace by a Cloaked Grysk Gravity Well Cylinder. The Bridge Officers immediately recognize the tactic from a previous encounter with the Grysk, and detect the wreckage of the “Allanar” N3 freighter. From the freighter’s location and where the Chimaera was pulled from hyperspace, they are able to deduce the relative position of the Gravity Well Cylinder and disable it with Ion Cannon barrages.

 A Grysk Warship and Observation Post are then detected on sensors and the Warship moves to engage the Chimaera who respond with Turbo Lasers to distract the Warship form the deploying TIES in a Marg Sabl maneuver.

Admiral Ar'alani then arrives on the Chiss Warship "Steadfast" and uses Plasma Torpedos to draw the Grysk Warships laser fire, whilst Thrawn's TIE Defenders take out the Electro Static Barrier Nodes of the Warship. Following this Ar’alani uses Breacher Missiles to assist the Defenders in taking out the Warships laser cannons allowing the TIES to further disable the vessels Hyperdrive and prime it for capture. However, the Grysk commander then runs his ship into further weapons fire from both the Steadfast and Chimaera before they can switch to non-lethal in a successful scuttle attempt.

The Chimaera disables the station with ion blasts, prepping it for boarding.

The Chiss Girl
The Imperials along with Admiral Ar’alani board the station and capture Two Grysk Prisoners, discover five Human bodies, and eighteen of an unidentified species which is suspected by Ar’alani and Thrawn to be a Grysk "client species". They all suffered excessive stab wounds. It is summarised that the Grysk killed their prisoners and subordinates alike in face of defeat so nobody could be questioned.

Thrawn and Ar’alani then discover a 7y/o Chiss Girl named Un’hee who survived the massacre, thanks to the unwilling client species who protected her from the Grysk by pretending she was dead. Thrawn and Ar’alani surmise that the Grysk allowed themselves to be captured to deduce if Un’hee survived and that they have a way of communicating with a cloaked Grysk ship outside the station.

(Chiss with Second and Third Sight are Force Sensitive, which is kept secret from all outsider’s par Faro, Vader & Eli Vanto)

It is then proposed that two shuttles return to the Chimera, one would hold the Grysks whilst the other a decoy. This decoy turns out successful, drawing the Grysk Ship out of hiding, a quick battle ensues, however, it makes the jump to hyperspace with the gravity well cylinder preventing pursuit. The TIE Defenders then pull the Cylinder back to the Chimaera.

Following the skirmish, Chiss Navigator Vah’nya uses Second Sight to probe Un’hee’s mind for the location of the Grysk Base as Un'hee was in their service for two years as a prisoner forced to use her Third Sight in aiding the Grysks. When Ar'alani questions Thrawn about his loyalties, he reassures her that his true loyalties lie with the Chiss Ascendancy.

After Vah'nya separates her mind from Un'hee's mind, the navigator tells Thrawn that she can take them to the Grysk forward base. However, Vah'nya is uncomfortable with serving aboard the Chimaera , Ar'alani reluctantly agrees to accompany her aboard the Star Destroyer.

Uncovering a Conspiracy
Aboard the Chimaera, the crew finds that 28 of the 41 missing ships from the transfer point have vanished along suspicious vectors, and that three of the ships carried foodstuffs, and a large amount of blosphi extract, which is used to feed Wookiee slaves working on Stardust. Other items include TRL-44 cylinders, Klymtra spark collimators, Boorian synchronization grids, and Thorilide shock absorbers.

Ronan notices that the stolen ships carried enough components for eight complete turbolasers. Ronan and Thrawn realize that someone in the Esaga sector is manipulating the shipping records in order to steal Imperial technology. Ronan realizes that the stolen ships originated from three worlds in the Esaga sector, which is ruled by Governor Haveland, who convinced Director Krennic that Stardust should funnel most of its supply chains through her territory.

Thrawn believes that Haveland arranged for a small number of freighters to be lost to the Grallocs in order to accustom Stardust's overseers to such losses. Once the pattern has been established, Thrawn deduces that special ships can disappear under supposedly identical circumstances. Seeking to get rid off Ronan, Thrawn assigns Ronan to investigate the Aloxor system, one of the three systems where the freighters are originating from.


Disclaimer: As mentioned, we require some flexibility from the community regarding Lore and specifics, as changes will be made for enjoyment and logistical reasons. We hope you enjoy the event! 

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