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PSA: Proper Addressal Etiquette

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How to Appropriately Address Others

The basics on how to appropriately address another are simple and can be picked up quite easily, Rank followed by Name. But I am going to explain a few common practices that not everyone may be aware of. Imperial High Command is welcome to use any of theses materials for their own Officer Training Sessions. If you find this useful and would like me to make more of these in future, please inform me of such and I may consider it.


Superior or Subordinate

When coming up to a superior, typically unless you are directly referring to somebody in-particular and you are a lower rank, you can just refer to them as "Sir" or "Ma'am" for simplicity. Unfortunately for the higher ranks, you don't have that luxury when talking to subordinates. However, I also have a trick for that. You can dumb them down to their job. "Trooper", "Crewman" or "Commander" (Refer to Position Addressing Section)

Utilize Last Name

Whenever utilizing ones name ether in reference or addressing them, you should always maintain a professional standard by using their last name. In some formal instances a full name may be appropriate.

You also do not necessary have to even include a name when addressing an individual and can simply mention their Rank. However, this does not work all the time, especially when there are multiple persons in reference of the similar rank. Addressing one souly by their last name is acceptable in some situations but you should steer clear of such particularly if they are your superior.

  • General Cassio Tagge → General Tagge → General ≠ General Cassio ≠ Cassio Tagge
  • Director Orson Krennic → Director Krennic → Director Director Orson ≠ Orson Krennic
  • Colonel Wullf Yularen → Colonel Yularen → Colonel ≠ Colonel Wullf ≠ Wullf Yularen

Shortening Ranks

This one may come as a shock, but in most scenarios it is unnecessary to utilize an individuals full rank, shortening it can be a good way to save time and get to the point without exhausting you and the listener. In some formal instances a full rank may be appropriate.

  • Fleet Admiral → Admiral
  • Lieutenant General → General
  • Second Lieutenant → Lieutenant
  • Master Sergeant → Sergeant

Position Addressing

Sometimes you may not be aware of who you are looking for and asking for them by position will clearly outline who you seek. Or addressing one by their position is a good way to gauge their authority and role to you and those around you. In this case you can refer/ask for them by their position instead of rank and name.

  • Person in-charge of a Sector → Sector Moff/Governor
  • Person in-charge of the Fleet → Fleet Commander
  • Person in-charge of an Outpost → Outpost Commander
  • Person in-charge of Logistics → Supply Master
  • Leader of Something → Commander
  • Soldier → Trooper


Obvious what I am getting at here, if somebody is your superior, you don't act insubordinate to them and you speak to them with respect, even if you dislike them. Especially if they are a Flag Officer or member of Command. This goes double when dealing with Bureaucrats, Governors and Senators as they will always believe they are entitled to getting their own way and speaking to them in a disrespectful tone will likely get you politically burned or worse.

Special Instances

Finally, I have a small chart here that outlines the titles certain individuals go by. The "Preferred Title" is what is most commonly used despite them having a "Proper Rank". Placing "My", "Your" or "His/Her" may be appropriate for specific titles.


Special Mention @TheNegotiator @Kristofer

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On 2/13/2021 at 10:57 PM, suna said:

how about tk number :feelsbirthdayman:

identifying by a TK number is usually internal from higher ranks within the regiment or at a ID checkpoint. every now and then others who order you will use that if you have it. most of the time it is more convinient saying TK-3242 or like LS-631 rather thank tonk and john

not everyone would know your identification


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