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Disclaimer: The Greyback character and the Greyback... me, are completely different persons. Any reference or resemblence to me myself, are pure coincidental.


I've decided to start expanding on my main character's background, lore, and surrounding info. This is just a little experiment into a different style of video creation, and a little extra glimpse into my Greyback character, but it isn't explicitly a backstory, else I'd post it there.

There's a lot more to this video than meets the eye, however. If you want to know the full depth and details surrounding this video's story, feel free to message me. ;)


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On 2/4/2021 at 2:08 PM, Julius said:

This was some sick editing man. Been trying a bit of this myself. How long did this piece take you?

Uh, I may have only whipped it together in under 48 hours? :ph34r:

But little side projects like this are a lot of fun to do which is why I get 'em done so quickly. If I have the passion for a particular project, then I have the dedication to get it done in a timely fashion. Otherwise I generally don't like rushing things for sake of quality.

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