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Ubermolen PAC3 Application



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  • Have you used PAC3 Before?
  • Why should you be trusted with PAC3?
    I have been a part of IG since august of 2018, during my time on the server I have never had any warns/bans. Along with this I have had access to PAC3 back in 2018 and didn't abuse it when I had it in the past. I left the server due to personal reasons and gave up my access when needed informing the staff team. However I now feel motivated once again to continue to progress on the server.
    Another reason would be that I enjoy to rp on the server and interact with individuals outside of my regiment to broaden the experiences I have. I would continue to ensure that my interactions with players will be an enjoyable experience with or without the use of PAC.
  • Why do you want access to PAC3?
    The pac3 community on IG is super friendly and loves to help each other out. Since I have recently come back in about September of 2020 I have really enjoyed being involved with the greater community once again. I have worked with many of the current Pac users to learn new things from them as well as helped them out with theirs. As much as you can try the best way to introduce individuality to your character is through the use of pac and I wish to do the same for myself.
  • Why do you believe you deserve PAC3?
    I believe I deserve pac3 as I have quite a broad knowledge of the tier 1 tools. Pac3 is a privilege to have on the server and should be treated as such so I have attempted to learn and utilise as many different types of events and special tools in my pacs as possible. I am also quite good at retexturing and utilising the body-group and sub-material tools in pac to create seamless designs for a more immersive player experience. Along with this I enjoy creating pac's that can be used by others and shared around such as my imperial flags (Imperial flags, Imperial Flags 2.0 ) to improve the servers own narrative. I have come a long way since I first found out about pac3, I couldn't have thanked the people that helped me learn enough, so I plan to pay it forward if I get access to the tool once again.
  • PAC3 Examples


Video Examples Playlist

- Storm Commando: Custom Helmet texture with bump map utilising Sub-material tool. Custom weapon modification with modified scope and event that activates laser pointer that is interactive with environment. Health indicator on back that flashes green above 60% hp and flashes red below that. Flashing light on helmet.

- Scar Trooper: Custom helmet texture, green glowing vents and war paint scar across eye. Spiked armour additions to both gloves and shoulder pads. Custom glowing (Halo effect) cloak device on belt alongside additional pockets.

- Compforce: Changed Compforce model to tank trooper utilising bonemerge, also bone merging 2 other models to add a Puldren and Karma. Custom made a material to retexture the tank trooper armour to look like CF armour. Custom made restraints using Pac jiggle models and beam to assimilate movement of restraints. Made the E-11 taser appear as the TL-40 for lore friendly 'stun mode', and custom safety using holdtype and weapon class events.

- Holotable: 3D world edit to create an immersive holotable. I'm aware doing this to the environment is restricted in the pac server rules. Rotating Rishi moon hologram display located on the holotable, It also has 3 star destroyers that move around the planet in an anticlockwise direction. I have also made it interactive so if a player walks near the holotable and types '/me kicks holotable' the table will flicker as if it is malfunctioning. Halo's where also used for glow.



Additional Examples

- Officer: I designed this pac using the officer coat model because its one of the coolest models on the server. Doing this I used multiple sub-materials to change the colours of the chestplate, the officer uniform, and the coat itself. I also Added the Cuffs onto the front of the model that I previously used the the CF pac. A command event is used to turn on and off my helmet which reveals the hair model and moustache model I have added to make the character more unique.

- ISB Agent: This agent Pac is heavily inspired by Kristofers ISB agent pac that he used back in the day. I'm assuming for identity purposes the agents hat covers the eyes of the agent, I did this by importing a model and reshaping and sizing it to fit on the agent. I also made a custom safety animation whilst holding the RK3. When you are not holding the RK3 it is placed in a weapon holster on the right side of the person which cannot be seen in the images. To change between combat armour I used a command event to show both imported chest plate and helmet. where they have been textured to a darker grey. The other command event pulls out a holopuck displaying a rotating deathstar.



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- Ubermolen is friendly, active and mature

- He shows dedication to creating detailed and RP friendly PAC3s

- He is experienced with PAC3 and has also helped me occasionally 

Overall Ubermolen would be a great PAC3 user and would not abuse it.


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This is a high quality application, the examples shown show skill and dedication. Ubermolen has been apart of the IG Community for a long time and can be trusted to use PAC3 for all the right reasons. Therefore this application is a very easy +1.


Good luck Ubermolen

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