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Truly one of the most enjoyable people to talk to and be around kn the server. Bought great role-playing and energy to the server. There will be a big hole in the server now that you are gone. Wish all the best for your future endeavors. As a wise man once said. "We're at the tippity top of the mountain. And we're only half way up". Much love x

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16 hours ago, Dirthi said:

Don't know where to start for this one. Guess I'll start from my beginning; had 5 hours on gmod which was used on horror maps I played with friends. Got bored of that so we went to minge on SWRP. Trained by Natiionz a few years ago, joined Nova which had @Lucky in it. Got me real into the server. From Nova I went to Navy, enjoyed my time there, was under @Keta. Met some cool people in there, can't remember em all long time ago, except for @Rad_Copnice dude. From Navy went to Storm Commandos, joined for @Arkanstayed for Arcturusious, met a whole bunch of good people in that regiment. @Auzii, @Max, @Theo etc. Loved every moment in that regiment, even with 501st, people like @Wind and @Mandor_Teth were in VF then. Then from Storm Commandos I went to Mud Troopers with @Rickleas CO. At this point in time Rickle got Admin and I was tossing up applying for Staff because I was getting well known. Ended up saying fuck it and doing it. Got staff at the same time as @Eclipse- good dude. Met a whole bunch of people in the staff team. Thanks @Cecilfor accepting me and @Wombatiacusfor training me x. From Mud troopers I went to ISB, which I spent most of my time on the server getting to Cl4 and minging with @Kristofer who still is to this day one of the best people I know on the server. Also through ISB I met @Kyle, @Tonberry, @Marlu, @SiegeMonkey, @Luigi (who I actually prior to ISB wrote his Jump Trooper backstory). A bunch of others that I can't remember because I was in there for about a year. PKed myself from ISB because I was tired of being the bad guy, went back to Navy, then back to ISB, then got Medic Trooper CO. Didn't have the right mindset for being CO and left on a bad note, then decided to come back to the server and go into Purge Troopers with @whisperas CO and @Misahuas GI. Was fun in there but I wanted to try my hand at lightsabers. Joined Imperial Guard, got known as the single worst dueller at that current time. Then from IG joined @Hideyoshiand @Setsunain IHCA where I enjoyed minging with them for the short time I was there. And that brings us to now, satisfied with my stay, friends I've made, impact I've had (small). Cheers for everything boys.

Couple people I either forgot to mention or I met another way;
@Rivers, @Delta, @zaspan, @Rook, @Ragetank, @RexMaxwell, @HenDoge, @Dramon, @Stathi, @Bailey, @John, @alystair. 

Thanks for the memories, if you want you can leave some screenshots of us/me that you have for old times sakes.


o7 See you later trial-mod partner.

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7 hours ago, Dirthi said:

@Kippy A appreciate you <3
@wflizzistfu comrade x
@Deltagrow up <3
@VadrianI didnt tag you cause you wont carry me in Valorant
@TomCosand also missed you from VF im so sorry :C
@Kristoferily so much you deserve the world <3
@Luckyso much respect for you keep being you man
@Yurialso forgot to tag you im so sorry <3 love your work
@Maxi fucking love you dude 

don't tell me to grow up tf 

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Gonna miss you dirthi, unfortunately I didn't interact with you a whole lot on the server, but whenever I did it was always a fun time. You made a big impact on the server buddy, o7 to another one of the greats.

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