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Event #2 - The Gralloc Wager - VIDEO

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With the help of the ISD Chimaera's personnel, the TIE Facility on Lothal was cleared of rebel infiltrators, and is now under constant defence from repeated rebel attacks. Thrawn's personal assassin Ruhk has successfully captured General Hera Syndulla, and for now the rebel threat is under relative control.


Grand Moff Tarkin has advised Grand Admiral Thrawn that his TIE Defender project, which the empire just fought so gallantly to secure, is under a new kind of threat. Director Orson Krennic has laid a persuasive case to divert funding from the TIE Defender project, to his own Project Stardust. Thrawn departs immediately for Coruscant to make his case to the Emperor himself, before being rerouted to the new meeting place: The ISD Firedrake, the flagship of Grand Admiral Savit's Third Fleet.

The meeting can be watched below for those interested. Get your popcorn kiddos, these could be the next Oscar award winners. Thank you once more to @Kristofer for being our in-house EM Team editor.


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