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X-Wing and TIE Fighter Pilot builds/costumes

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Guess I should share this with the public again like my storm trooper I have built a TIE Fighter Pilot and X-Wing Pilot from ANH. Yes I built all of this expect the helmet for the tie pilot. (Look up a guide on how to build it and you will realise why) and for the x-wing pilot I bought the soft parts for everything.

X-Wing Pilot:



Tie Pilot: 






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24 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

Where do you purchase these parts anyway

the collection is beginning to be pretty cool

There isn't one place to get everything joining the 501st forums there are a ton based on different costumes: Jolly Roger Squardon, First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment, Imperial Officer Detachment, Clone Trooper Detachment, ect list of all here: Costuming:CRLbydetachment - Databank (501st.com). They have a vendor list in the fourms of where to buy kits, helmets and other kits that are verified to 501st quality

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