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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition FREE!

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Hey IG,

Me being the cheeky bugger that I am always looking for a good deal and when I was on Epic Games today I noticed that from January 15th - January 22nd, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition will be free on Epic Games Launcher, this means you basically get all the customisation all you want at all for every role and shit. It is a great game and if you SOMEHOW don't already have it, this surge of new players could provide some life to the game which is already super fucking fun with friends.

So get after it, tell ya mates, its gonna be free.



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8 minutes ago, Curly said:

I'm not smart, can you play it with people who have it on Origin, if you have it on Epic?

Yeah, it'll probably get you to download Origin with it.

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20 minutes ago, Kristofer said:

Thank you Chinese spies, I will take this with open arms. 

Epic Games内部没有间谍哈哈。你怎么会那么说?

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