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Rebels & Civillians (but mostly Rebels)


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As many of you are aware, the current status of the civilian role on the server is in a rather strange state. With most people who become civilians being greeted with an unenjoyable experience and get oppressed by the imperials regardless of whether they are actually challenging the empire or not. Whilst those few that aren’t turned off by the constant harassment and do volunteer use it as an outlet to minge and consistently attack the Imperials without justification.

After thinking about the issue I believe that a method to fix this dilemma would be to add a rebel role/job code to the server. This would solve the issues seen above as it would separate those civilians wishing to RP as a shop owner or whatnot from the terrorist cells wishing to destroy the empire. My suggested way of implementing this is during rotation maps allowing small groups of individuals (3-6) at a time being able to become whitelisted to a rebel role. These rebels would actually act as the guerilla groups they are supposedly in lore and would perform a variety of tasks including but not limited to:
- Ambushing imperial patrols
- Performing reconnaissance of imperial facilities
- Establishing listening posts to monitor imperial movements/communications
- Defending civilians from imperial oppression
- Establishing contacts with civilians
- Establishing anti-imperial propaganda 
- Recruiting’ civilians to assist the rebel cause
-Minor infiltrations into the imperial base
-Sabotaging imperial vehicles and supplies
-Smuggling/Obtaining weapon caches and other supplies

Due to them only attacking or interfering with a small number of imperials at a time they would not require the same HP as EC’s and would give the imperials a somewhat fair fight with a pool of around 200hp. They aren’t supposed to act as EC’s running and gunning anyone in sight. But would stick to the shadows as if they cause too much of a ruckus will get subsequently hunted down. This role would relatively hands free because Event Masters aren’t required to constantly micromanage and set EC’s for this purpose. IHC and Commanders would also be able to coordinate with rebels through OOC mean to provide tasks for personnel to do. Having a group dedicated to actually opposing the empire during these rotation maps would vastly increase the quality and quantity of activities occurring between events. These being:

- Incentivizing Commanders to patrol or guard areas to unveil a minor rebel plot or be a victim to rebel guerilla fighters in the area. 
- An addition like this would allow COMPNOR to gain useful information from captives of the identities, plots and bases of the Rebellion.
- Civilians would be able to get protection from any Imperials that are oppressing or occupying civilian areas.
- Imperials would actually treat civilians like civilians instead of rebels and give them a fair chance to RP instead of assuming them hostile.
- Civilians would have more options to RP, being able to assist either side or just be caught in the middle.
- But most importantly of all to me, it would break the stigma that all Civilians are against the empire and actually place in between a galactic conflict not directly being categorized against the empire.

Though for this to actually be effective, some precautions would need to be put in place to make sure this doesn’t become a minge role allowing an individual to effectively RDM people whilst on rotation. As such in order to become a rebel, an application on the forums or through a google form would be required to create a list of 10-20 individuals who are able to take up the role and create some RP. In order to ensure the rebels are actually united and not just individuals with different goals in mind a small ranking structure would be required with the leader taking up a Sergeant or Lieutenant rank. In order to avoid getting shot on sight, rebels would have access to !swap to a normal civilian model so they can actually have a hope of completing their missions. And finally a set of ‘rules of engagement’ would need to be written up to avoid rebels just walking up to imperials and pulling a rocket launcher out of their ass, this could simply be implemented by stating line of sight must be broken for 3-5 seconds before pulling out anything other than a sidearm.

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion, feel free to leave any opinions or feedback on what you like and/or dislike.

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I like this as a similar aspect to the Tusken Raider Role on Tatooine where small groups of whitelisted people who are trusted are allowed to utilize the role to create RP for people, which could allow for people who ACTUALLY want to be Civilians to be Civilians and be an Imperial Citizen rather than "ROUND UP EVERY CIVILIAN FOR EXECUTION THEY'RE ALL REBELS" that seems to happen a lot.

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One issue.

Even if we trust this group of 5-6 players with our lives, there's still a different group we absolutely can't trust; the rest of the server.

This problem becomes incredibly evident on the Tatooine map during times when we get 5 or so people to become Tusken Raiders. 

Having an infinite supply of event characters roaming around the wilderness tends to cause some players to forget roleplay and go out of their way to actively hunt them down and kill them. One encounter as an example, a group of Tusken Raiders are seen 50 miles away from the city on a hill setting up a camp. They build a black melon farm and even pens for their banthas. A few seconds later you have the entire army sniping them from across the landscape for reasons unknown. 

Not only does this issue destroy that special group's enjoyment in their role, this also gets in the way of actual events.


In my opinion, as someone who is incredibly passionate about the current state of civilian RP on the server, the best way to resolve all our issues is to properly RP things out. While you're at it, give civilians more creative freedom in what exactly they're doing. Sure you can have one or two civilians out of 10 to partake in secret rebel informant activities, or maybe they're just a straight up criminal.

Officers, Commanders, and High Command themselves need to enforce the idea of civilians being citizens to the Empire, people that need to be protected. 

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