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F8 Menu Lottery Payout Perk is Faulty


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I'm sure that it is widely known throughout the community that there are some issues with the F8 menu. The topic I am tackling is the Lottery Payout, entitling that anybody who purchases this perk will receive a bonus 25%-75% extra points from the lottery. For a while now, I have found it incredibly difficult to find evidence that the Lottery Perk is faulty, however I was provided with this evidence today.



Castle's Lottery:


Knifty's Lottery:


Castle's F8 Menu:


Knifty's F8 Menu:



Based off of these photos, it is evident that the Lottery Perk is faulty and ineffective. Do you not see it? Here's why:


The Lottery Payout Perk Guarantees that any who purchase the perk will "Recieve 25-75% extra points from the Imperial Lottery". The method I used to calculate the effectiveness of the Lottery Perk was to identify the smallest and greatest amounts that someone can receive using this perk. As Castle had not purchased the perk, I could identify what the initial payout was before purchasing the perk. 

Castle's lottery displayed "You won first tier by matching 1/3 numbers, good work, you will recieve 1461 points."

In order to calculate the payout of the perk, I had to find both 25% of the extra points and 75% of the extra points to determine the greatest and smallest amounts I could recieve.



1461 x 25% = 25% of the lottery

1461 x 0.25 = 365.25 

365.25 + 1461 = 25% bonus lottery

365.25 + 1461 = 1826.25



1461 x 75% = 75% of the lottery

1461 x 0.75 = 1095.75

1095.75 + 1461 = 75% bonus lottery

1095.75 + 1461 = 2556.75


Based off of these calculations, for the lottery perk to work, I must receive a minimum of 1826 points and a maximum of 2557 points.

However, from the evidence above displayed: "You won first tier by matching 1/3 numbers, good work, you will receive 1461 points."

Thus, the lottery is evidently not working and must be fixed.


This is not a hostile call-out to the developers that likely worked extremely hard to produce this system. However, it would be much appreciated if this could be fixed to benefit everybody playing in our community, working many hours to rack up enough perk points to purchase the lottery payout.



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2 minutes ago, Knifty said:

Seems a bit odd. If that's actually how it works than they should specify that..

most recent jackpot didn't go above 115k points but this still happened a few days ago ( it says credits but is actually points )

and tbh i don't know if it is meant to actually have 1/3 & 2/3 extra money but i am just going of what works currentlyimage.png.0e40ad6f1066c68769b4c5e292ee26df.png

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Should be fixed and it should also show how many bonus points you will receive due to the perk; it was still using the old skill menu stuff so its been broken for like over half a year.

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