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4 Years in Imperial Gaming

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At this same exact time, four years ago, on January 7th, 2017, at 2:37pm ACDT, I took this screenshot of a briefing for an off-ship event.


This was the first day I joined the server and the first event I was a part of. The day that started it all.


The Imperial Gaming community has been a significant part of my life for the better part of four years. It is what jumpstarted my passion for roleplay, story-writing and character-building, and I have upheld a high standard of roleplay ever since this very first day. I have watched this community grow and mature as it has cycled through many staff and management teams and community members, old and new, have come and gone. All the while, I was finishing up (and for the most part failing) my schooling and started a university degree, (hopefully) maturing alongside the community.

I would go into specifics about the people I've met and my personal progression on the server, but:
1. that would take forever since I've met literally hundreds, maybe even a thousand people at this point
2. I make too much of a fuss of my characters in-game anyway, who needs it on here?
I'll probably post a comment later tagging everybody who has played a significant part in my continued enjoyment and experience on this server.

I have grown to realise I am a controversial figure in the community, too often spouting hostilities about people and server mechanics, but none of that breaks or lessens the love that I have always had for this community since this screenshot was taken. I have seen and learned so much from a huge variety of community members, all with their own unique personalities and styles of roleplay.
I have to thank this community and all of its members for keeping me going through some dark times in my life. Imperial Gaming has always been a place I can fall back to if things weren't going too well in real life. Sometimes that was healthy, sometimes it wasn't, but no matter what it did, Imperial Gaming indeed lives up to its motto of being a second home.


Funny thing is, I'm a part of this community by mistake. I thought Imperial Gaming was another ImperialRP community that I had joined who-knows how long ago where I had at attained the rank of Sith Inquisitor. I remember being regarded for great roleplay back then and strived to keep that standard coming into this community.
And, somehow, despite all of this, I've stuck with this community, and have gotten so much out of it. I've had many grievances and thoughts of leaving through my bad moments, but sticking around has always been the better choice, for me at least.

Thank you so much to all of you. Literally, all of you: management, moderators, event masters, users, veterans and donators, all new and all old - thank you for being here. You are all part of the force that has driven Imperial Gaming to be this successful and have such a massive impact on all of our gaming lives.

I can't wait to continue being a part of this community going into 2021, as the changes the staff team are looking to add, such as the timeline progression events, are so exciting and are a massive breath of fresh air for an old veteran like me. I love you all.

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