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Pulse, It's been a blast, from amount of times we've been together sith and purge respectively, Clone Wars and all the Media you've produced for the server. I am truly grateful that you were apart of the roleplay experience on the server and I will genuinely miss seeing you around as often. You were one of the highlights of my roleplay experience and I loved watching your skill with PAC3 grow over time, Our time in DT was shortlived but It's nothing short of all the good time's we've shared over the past 3ish years playing together.

I hope you find something that truly makes you cherish life, and I hope to catch you around on the server or the Teamspeak again. See you around homie.

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It's been a good run Pulse, You and the old Sith made my time on the Server enjoyable and it was good getting to meet everyone and have a couple of laughs with them, You were one of the people on Imperial who I saw when I first joined it's sad to see you go but if you ever need a game to come back to I will be waiting, See you soon brother.

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