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Mandor Teth / Carthalous Ordo

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Youth and Pre-Empire

Carthalous was born to Jurdaa Ordo and Tavaysh Ordo. His father was the clan’s metalsmith, experienced in the secret technique of melting and forging Mandalorian Iron, Beskar. And whilst a Mandalorian is not bound by the actions of their father, Carthalous was groomed to continue the sacred tradition of smithing Mandalorian Iron, a tradition he was proud to inherit. For years, Carthalous proudly trained in this ancient art, but he took up other skills such as battle-planning, strategy and blade-blade combat. He found himself developing confidence and competence in leadership and commanding his brothers. However it was clear from a young age that Carthalous’ younger cousin Jexus was to take over as the alor. Whilst Carthalous was content with his lot as the clan’s honoured future metalsmith, he began to feel envy and covet the respect and prestige that came with leadership. Though there was great honour and prestige in being a Mandalorian Metalsmith, there was more in leading your fellow Mandalorians to victory in battle. 

Carthalous believed Jexus a brute of a leader, caring for strength and combat-skill over a well-thought battle plan and tactics. On top of that, he clung strongly to a code of honour that Carthalous deemed a liability. 

As the Empire established itself in the galaxy, pressure mounted on Mandalore. Jexus despised the Empire, the idea of bowing to a power that had not proven itself to him was infuriating. Carthalous saw otherwise, the Empire had to be strong to wipe out the jedi and maintain control over Mandalore and the galaxy. Their uncompromising military might and the way they wielded fear to subjugate their enemies struck a chord with Carthalous. Thus he began acting as a liaison to the Empire for his clan, for the benefit of his clan and himself.

Carthalous completed his training in metalsmithing at the age of 16 and began working alongside his father. However he still craved leadership and command beyond what his honoured position brought him. That same year Vice Admiral ⃞⃞⃞⃞ was refuelling ships at Mandalore and Carthalous was appointed by the Empire as the Vice Admiral’s temporary guide to Mandalore and its culture and history. Carthalous’ respect for the Empire and knowledge of battles and tactics intrigued the Vice Admiral, the general consensus was that Mandalorians were pure warriors who cared only for war and to meet a Mandalorian who was just as concerned with the planning and organisation of a battle as the actual combat itself, piqued his curiosity. The Vice Admiral offered Carthalous a place at the Royal Academy on Coruscant, if only to see if he could survive such an environment. Eager for the opportunity to further his aspirations for leadership and refining the art of warfare, he accepted, even on the condition that he had to hide his Mandalorian nature and use an alias.

Imperial Service Post-Navy

After leaving the Imperial Navy and joining Vader’s Fist, Carthalous was contacted by Jexus and other Mandalorians to join them on a hunt for a Canyon Krayt Dragon on Tatooine. Wanting to take his mind off his recent demotion in the navy and to reconnect with his culture after years of suppressing it, he eagerly accepted, neglecting to inform Imperial command of his sudden departure. Together, the party of Mandalorians hunted the krayt dragon to its lair. Carthalous drew on stories of how Revan slew the same creature millennia ago and determined that the best way to slay it was to use explosives detonated underneath it to injure it before finishing it off in its weakened but still dangerous state. Jexus staunchly opposed the idea, writing off the use of explosives as cowardly. Carthalous called him a fool for believing they stood a chance against the creature and for so willingly putting his fellow Mandalorians at risk against such an insurmountable foe. After much blustering and Jexus’ rallying of the Mandalorians to his cause, they charged the lair. The dragon came out furious that its lair had been invaded and a Mandalorian by the name of Ayro Fost was immediately caught in its maw. The pressure of its bite crushed her jetpack and caused it to explode in the dragon’s mouth, severely injuring its head and sending it into a rage. Though the Mandalorians kept their distance using their jetpacks, their blaster fire and rockets were doing little to harm the creature. Whilst the other Mandalorians distracted the dragon, Carthalous placed detonators at the entrance of the lair and the Mandalorian hunters lured it to the bombs and detonated them beneath it, mortally wounding it. Carthalous slew the creature with a thermal detonator he threw into its mouth. Jexus was infuriated at Carthalous’ cowardly act in using bombs to kill it, but the creature was dead and he had slain it. The other hunters deemed Carthalous earned the first choice of a trophy. Carthalous carved out a small coloured orb from its stomach and took one of its horns. Jexus continued to argue Carthalous’ cowardice but the other Mandalorians were mostly relieved the hunt was over and that they were victorious. 

Carthalous, now a Colonel in command of Vader’s Fist, had caught wind of treasonous actions undertaken by his clan. He returned to Mandalore to confront them and Jexus about these accusations. His suspicions were confirmed and Jexus invited Carthalous to return and continue the art of metalsmithing, the Empire was corrupt and they were no longer going to squirm under the regime. He refused. However, Carthalous seized upon the opportunity before him to obtain what he had desired since his youth, leadership of the clan. He challenged Jexus’ ability to lead the clan and declared a trial of combat using vibroswords, for control. He hoped to not only seize control, but also prevent his clan from turning against the Empire. During the duel, Carthalous used a variety of armaments such as wrist-mounted flame-throwers, whipcords, and electro-darts to gain the upper hand against his greatly-skilled cousin. Carthalous came out on top after binding Jexus using his whipcord and striking him across the head with the hilt of his blade. Whilst Carthalous had won, his aggressiveness and use of underhanded tactics to gain an edge left many dissatisfied, his allegiance to the Empire also led many to doubt his priorities. Despite his victory, the clan chose Jexus to continue leading. Jexus allowed Carthalous to remain and keep his role as a metalsmith to the clan but they would not cease their actions against the Empire. Carthalous was furious. The fact that they had chosen to follow Jexus despite his victory was unfathomable, and some agreed with him. Carthalous vowed to return and claim his rightful place. Seeking to avoid a deadly confrontation, Carthalous and his group of supporters left, but not before overhearing plans to attack an Imperial base the following day. Carthalous alerted the base and the attack was repelled. But Jexus, incensed at Carthalous’ loyalty to the Empire and unwillingness to follow him, framed him by wearing his armour during the attack. Suspicion was cast on Carthalous and though he avoided severe punishment, he was greatly demoted. 

The uprising on Mandalore entered full swing and the clans were rebelling against the Empire, led by Bo Katan. With the Empire cracking down on the clans, Jexus called on Carthalous to provide aid. His father had been killed in an Imperial attack and the clan needed him to take over as the clan’s metalsmith. Carthalous refused, citing that if they had accepted him as their leader and knelt to the Empire, the clan would be spared. Jexus declared Carthalous a traitor and was to be killed on sight by the clan. But Carthalous still had his supporters in the clan and a power struggle was initiated between Carthalous and Jexus for control. Jexus had more supporters and so Carthalous was on the outs. Shortly after, Carthalous was deployed to Mandalore to command garrisons against the rebelling Mandalorian clans. Whilst Carthalous was loyal to the Empire, he secretly aided Mandalorians in small ways. Such as warning neutral clans of any aggression, using troop transports to transport prisoners instead of executing them, and utilising non-lethal force in many situations. Whilst these actions may have hindered the Empire’s efforts somewhat, it gained him support amongst Mandalorians who picked up on what he was doing. However, Jexus, seeking to undermine Carthalous in the eyes of the Empire, coordinated attacks on many key-holdings responsible to Carthalous. Using force and speed to overwhelm the imperials garrisoned in such locations. Even with Carthalous’ knowledge and tactical prowess, the overwhelming aggression shown by Jexus was too much for his inexperienced soldiers and defences. Carthalous was demoted for his failure and he moved back into Vader’s Fist.

Currently, Carthalous and Jexus are engaged in a destructive power struggle for control over Clan Ordo. groups of Mandalorians and some clan-members express support for Carthalous but the majority of Clan Ordo rally behind Jexus, who is active in Mandalorian efforts to drive the Empire off Mandalore. Jexus has worked with the Mandalorian rebel fighters to attack the ISD Chimaera twice now. In the first attack, he was successful in killing 3 inquisitors and taking 2 of their lightsabers but ultimately retreated after their squad’s leader was defeated in a quickdraw duel with Director Armand Isard. He was declaring that Carthalous face him and that they bring Carthalous to him so that he may slay him. Carthalous was not onboard at the time. The second time, he worked with another group of Mandalorians to destroy a Star Destroyer in orbit above Mandalore before somehow ending up on the ISD Chimaera, likely hoping to take it down and kill Carthalous in the process, before realising the situation they were in and trying to escape. Of the 40 Mandalorians who attacked, Jexus was 1 of 7 who escaped. Carthalous was not onboard at the time and was on the surface of Mandalore hunting Jexus with his men, hoping to capture Jexus. Carthalous is working with II to capture Jexus so that he can duel and humiliate Jexus, forcing the clan to have no choice other than to follow him. Though he is growing impatient with II’s lack of progress and is seeking to possibly take matters into his own hands.

Current Day

Carthalous is currently serving in the 501st Battalion’s Vader’s Fist. He is still knowledgeable in smelting and forging Mandalorian Iron (Beskar) but whilst he has been cooperative with the Empire regarding Mandalorian topics, the secret to forging Beskar is a secret Carthalous is unwilling to divulge though no-one has asked him yet.

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Well-written, interesting read. Always cool to see the backstories people come up with. Is Carthalous Ordo the mando'a version of Mandor Teth?


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Posted (edited)

Mandor Teth is Carthalous' fake alias he devised when he entered the naval academy and served in the Imperial Navy in order to avoid discrimination and unwanted attention. It is literally the planet Mandalore shortened into Mandor and the jungle planet Teth. He continues to use the name in imperial matters as it's how the Empire knows him. 

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Clearer explanation
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13 hours ago, Mandor_Teth said:

Beskar is a secret Carthalous is unwilling to divulge though no-one has asked him yet

Wallahi bro we’ll make a retaining wall out of it.

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2 hours ago, Mandor_Teth said:

It'd sure make an interesting art piece

I mean the wobbles in the metal are sick as fuck.

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