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Imperial Flags 2.0

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A long time ago in 2019 I made a post which popped off far more than I could have imagined. Now the post has over 18,000 views absolutely amazing. The wait is over after many rejected requests I have remade the flags going from the original 11 up to 29!! this has taken a lot of time to put together individual designs for each regiment. These flags are intended to be used to advertise your regiment and show pride for your regiment. Original post for those interested. Do not use these flags in your pac3 application.


The flags have been updated for a more modern aesthetic with more simple design choices than basic regimental initials and in many cases have been personalised to the specific regiment. Along with this the aurebesh fits the flags nicely into the Star Wars universe. I have also added a realistic light map and bump map so it creates a more realistic flag texture than a flat image. This can be seen in the sample image below. The pac3 banner model remains the same as I like the timeless look but by all means make your own banner pole.





You import the Pac3 as a pastebin, it uses a simple command event, use the bind ( bind [key] "pac_event m 2" ). I will also leave a Dropbox link with each flag in it for whatever you might want to use it for. For any questions or requests please leave a comment below I'd also appreciate the upvote if you like it ^_^



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Added the final 9 pastebins
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Ubermolen is such a plug, thats why I'm in love with Ubermolen. Ubermolen is my dream boyfriend.


I'm so early to this :D

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fucking hell, thank you for your service


bro sooo many of them are gas af

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Lowkey didn't even know the old post had that many views.

These are amazing, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into them, thank you very much Uber, I am certain many people appreciate it, not only just from our community.

I  believe that people around the entirety of the star wars rp community will use these and be grateful for them

Let's just pray that no one trys to pass it off as their own on other communities

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Damn, I'm so special I had the shadow one before it got released hahaha.

No joke these are great pieces of work, keen to see them around the server :)

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