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I would like to start this off that I'm leaving the server from this time and date and I might hop on once in a while. 

While I'm here this is what I want to say I have been in many regiments and every one of them gave me great experience on learning how to help a regiment in a way and trying to help others. I first started off as a simple little recruit in the recruit room on a stormy night. I heard gunshots and Tiefighters from outside the ship, I even saw rebels killing stormtroopers defending the recruit room area. It was an Immersive server that I stumbled apon and I wanted to see more at the time. So I got trained in that room by the best VF member @Mouse I went through every type of training procedure, I didn't even know how to do faces which was hard. So once I finished the recruit training I got promoted to 6th army and changed my name to Josh. Once I was out of the recruit room I was exploring the massive star destroyer called the ISD Chimaera. I was roaming the first floor confused and hopeless I was curious about how to get promoted or join a regiment. I went up to Joel when he was captain of stormtroopers and had a cute 212th mouse droid next to him following him around. I asked him If I can Join Stormtroopers he said yes and tried to get a hanger booked sadly couldn't get it booked in time because navy were afk and all the hangers were booked, So I logged off for the night to go have dinner. The following day I hopped on to see if I can still join the regiment, But I was approached by Second lieutenant curly from 96th Nova division asking if I wanted to join I said yes of course since I really was eager to join a regiment, So he set up a tryout we started on faces and as for me I forgot how to do them from yesterday. So he taught me them and I relearnt them, Then Climbswep I was clueless what this was, I was never taught it so I tried and failed. Once I finished the tryout somehow I got in! So I started as a Nova private, I was told what to do as a nova trooper and learned the basics. I was told to offer and guard IHC. I did so by trying to guard as best as I can of IHC. This is how I started off on the server and I will be missing IG. I might come back but who knows.

 @Mouse Was the one that trained me as a recruit when she was only a WOII @Curly Was the one that helped me get into a regiment and learn what to do on IG. @Binny Was the one that taught me how to do climbswep. @Clover Was the one that taught me to be a sweaty pro trooper.

So I thank you all for showing me how good IG is, and it will be always be a server I remember and I wish you a great 2021 IG!

Sadly it is my time to leave and I hope to come back sometime goodbye guys [:

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Cya man. You’ll be one of many who decides to leave around this time. I wish you good luck with what you do in the future. 

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